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The course starts with the basics of ARCore and how to set up your ARCore environment. Then we move on to creating ARCore applications. It explains dependencies, and you'll work with the APIs and modules. It will show you the underlying mechanics of building applications with ARCore from scratch. ARCore allows you to access four different SDKs: Android Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Web. We cover each of these SDKs and help you to create an AR app that you can successfully deploy on both mobile and the web. You will learn to implement motion tracking, environment learning in your app, create animations and sounds, generate virtual characters, and simulate them on your screen.

Style and Approach

A practical hands-on approach is adopted in this course to guide the audience through the development of 3 different Augmented Reality Android applications, using concepts introduced at each point in the development of the apps; this makes it easy for the audience to relate the features ARCore provides to their real-world applications.

Publication date:
October 2018
2 hours 20 minutes

About the Author

  • Emmanuel Adegbite

    Emmanuel Adegbite is a software engineer with a knack for efficient, scalable, and stable solutions. With years of experience working across a wide range of technologies, he is still interested in exploring, encountering, and solving new as well as interesting programming problems.

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