Flask - Building Web Applications

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About this video

If you're comfortable working with Python but have always wanted to explore the art of web development, then this is the course for you. Assuming a prior working knowledge of Python, we use a blend of text, video and quizzes to focus on showing you how you can create great web applications with Flask in an extensible do-it-yourself manner.

Publication date:
April 2016

Latest Reviews

(4 reviews total)
This is good for absolute starters in flask. I think the Git part was a bit undeveloped and unnecessary for this course, especially that it was not followed through, but otherwise I could use the knowledge afterwards by building my own project.
El curso cumple con las espectativas que esperaba de él, es muy sencillo de seguir y permite empezar sin conocimientos sobre Flask e ir avanzando de una forma sencilla.
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