Essential Cryptography for JavaScript developers

By Alessandro Segala
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About this book

While there’s no shortage of books on cryptography, the majority of them are created for an audience of cryptographers (or aspiring ones) and/or mathematicians. They tend to focus on the implementation details of the algorithms and contain a lot of complex math, and might not be the most suitable for developers to quickly learn from.

This book takes a different approach, focused on the practical adoption of cryptography instead. It teaches you the different types of cryptographic operations and explains how and when they should be used, with plenty of JavaScript code samples for Node.js and the browser, using built-in modules or trusted libraries. Throughout this book, you’ll learn about common categories of cryptographic operations that you’ll likely need to work with, including hashing, symmetric and asymmetric ciphers, and digital signatures. You’ll understand how to choose and implement the most popular (and tried and tested) algorithms to perform these operations, as well as how to deal with password and key management.

By the end of the book, you're not expected to become a cryptographer, but you'll have enough skills to be able to safely implement common cryptography-based solutions in JavaScript, and knowledge that should be portable to other frameworks and languages.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Author

  • Alessandro Segala

    Alessandro Segala is a Product Manager at Microsoft working on developer tools. A software engineer at heart, he has over a decade of experience building full-stack web applications, having worked as a professional developer as well as contributing to and maintaining various open source projects. In addition to writing about software development in his blog, Alessandro had his first book "Svelte 3 Up and Running" published by Packt in 2020.

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Essential Cryptography for JavaScript developers
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