Docker for Java and Spring Boot Developers [Video]

By Bharath Thippireddy
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  1. Introduction and AWS Basics

About this video

Docker is an open-source tool to package your applications and everything they need as containers. You can then use these containers on your laptop, in testing, stage, and all the way to production, which could be on the cloud or servers within your organization.

This course starts with the basics of AWS EC2, which we will use to launch Linux instances to install and use Docker. You will master all the fundamentals of Docker such as Docker layers, networking, volumes, and bind mounts. You will learn how to launch different types of containers and master various Docker commands in the process. You will create a Docker hub account and learn how to push your images to the Docker hub as well.

You will create two Spring Boot microservice restful applications that will use each other. You will create Docker files for these two projects using Visual Studio Code IDE. You will launch a MySQL container that will be used by your microservice containers. You will learn how to access the applications running in the containers from your local machines. You will then use Docker Compose to launch multiple containers in one shot. You will also master what Docker Swarm is and how to use it.

Add the resources for this course are available at

Publication date:
May 2021
5 hours 23 minutes

About the Author

  • Bharath Thippireddy

    Bharath Thippireddy is an entrepreneur, software architect, and public speaker. He is a Sun-certified developer, web component developer, business component developer, and web services developer.

    While working for companies such as Oracle, HP, TCS, Siemens, and NCR, he architected applications using Java, JEE, JavaScript, and SOA technologies.

    He loves learning new things both in terms of technology and personal development. He has mentored students via classroom training and in the corporate world, both in India and the US.

    He has spoken on technical topics at several Agile conferences. While in India, he also teaches interviewing and soft skills pro bono at Vivekananda Kendra.

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