DevOps: Streamlining Web Development

By Dave Mangot , Mitesh Soni
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About this video

Because of the increase in effectiveness that is brought over by implementing DevOps, more and more organizations have started adopting the DevOps culture.

Some of the popular tech organizations that are going great after adopting DevOps are Amazon, Netflix, and Adobe.

So what is DevOps? How much does the traditional system change? How does this make web development easier or effective? How do I get started with this?

All these queries that you have in mind, and much more will be addressed in this course.

This course will introduce the basic concepts of DevOps and then move on to how web development in particular can be made more efficient and effective. Along with the high-level advantages and techniques, it also covers basic concepts of Docker, including creation and management of Docker containers and the client-server architecture of Docker. It also includes the basic know-hows of other development tools, such as Chef, and Jenkins, and how these tools can be used to overcome the challenges faced while implementing DevOps.

After completing this course, you will be able to use the various DevOps tools discussed in the course efficiently and orchestrate the multiple build jobs to achieve application deployment automation.

Style and Approach

This course follows a step-by-step, practical approach that starts off by introducing the basic concepts of DevOps and then introduces tools in a practical way to efficiently manage and automate the development and deployment of a web application onto a cloud service.

This course is a blend of text, videos, code examples, and assessments, all packaged up keeping your journey in mind. The curator of this course has combined some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete package. It includes content from the following Packt products:

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Publication date:
March 2017
5 hours

About the Authors

  • Dave Mangot

    Dave Mangot is the Director of Operations for Librato and Papertrail and an accomplished systems engineer with over 20 years' experience. He has held positions in various organizations, from small startups such as Terracotta to multinational corporations such as Cable & Wireless and Salesforce, in positions ranging from systems administrator to architect. He has led the transformations of multiple companies both in operational maturity and in a deeper adherence to DevOps thinking. He enjoys time spent as a mentor, speaker, and student to so many talented members of the community. Dave lives with his wife and three children in San Francisco, CA.

    LinkedIn -

    Website -

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  • Mitesh Soni

    Mitesh Soni is a DevOps enthusiast. He has worked on projects for DevOps enablement using Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio Team Services. He also has experience of working with other DevOps-enabling tools, such as Jenkins, Chef, IBM UrbanCode Deploy, and Atlassian Bamboo.

    He is a CSM, SCJP, SCWCD, VCP, IBM Bluemix, and IBM Urbancode certified professional.

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DevOps: Streamlining Web Development
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