Delphi GUI Programming with FireMonkey

By Andrea Magni
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About this book

This book will be your guide to learning GUI Programming with Delphi. It will introduce you to the FireMonkey – a cross platform framework for GUI programming.

The book starts with a brief intro on FireMonkey framework, by exploring its fundamental and architectural details and what sets it apart from VCL. We then move on to look at the FMX in details covering the aspects like, main components, style concept and elastic UIs. We then move on to look at how responsiveness is a key desirable feature and the Do’s and Don’ts while dealing with parallel programming and UIs. We look at cross platform services and platform specific features of the FMX framework before learning about the vector graphics and 3D functionalities.

By the end of the book you will gain insight into FMX framework’s features, style, use of animation and so on to build effective UIs and achieve rich user experience.

Publication date:
January 2021

About the Author

  • Andrea Magni

    Andrea Magni is a software expert and software developer with decades of experience, provides consultation to support development teams in, architectural definitions, problem-solving and / or trouble-shooting activities, introduction of source and project management tools etc. He has been actively involved in Delphi trainings and talks at Embarcadero coverage x, Delphi Day, IT DevCon and also been a team member of Delphi Mentor for over 8 years.

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