Data Engineering with AWS

By Gareth Eagar
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About this book

Knowing how to architect and implement complex data pipelines is a highly sought-after skill. Data engineers are responsible for building these pipelines and transforming data from one format to another so that it can be processed by a data analyst or data scientist to further work on. Amazon Web Services offers a range of tools to ease the job of a data engineer, making it the preferred platform for performing data engineering tasks.

This data engineering book will take you through the services and the skills you need to architect and implement data pipelines on AWS. You'll begin by understanding data engineering concepts and some of the core AWS tools that form a part of the data engineers toolkit. You'll then architect a data pipeline, review raw data sources, identify varied data consumers, and transform raw datasets to meet their needs. The book will show you how to populate data marts or data warehouses and how a data lakehouse fits into the picture. Next, you'll be introduced to some AWS tools for analyzing your data, including tools for ad-hoc SQL queries, and creating data visualizations and dashboards. In the final chapters, you'll perform predictive analytics using Amazon AI and machine learning tools.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to carry out data engineering tasks and implement a complex data pipeline on AWS independently.

Publication date:
November 2021

About the Author

  • Gareth Eagar

    Gareth has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years, starting in South Africa, then working in the United Kingdom, and now based in the United States. In 2017, he started working at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Solution Architect, working with enterprise customers in the NYC metro area.

    Gareth has become a recognized subject matter expert for building data lakes on AWS, and in 2019 he launched the Data Lake Day educational event at the AWS Lofts in NYC and San Francisco. He has also delivered a number of public talks and webinars on big data related topics, and in 2020 Gareth transitioned to the AWS Professional Services organization as a Senior Data Architect, helping customers architect and build complex data pipelines.

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Data Engineering with AWS
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