Cucumber BDD Made Easy + Automation Framework Design [Video]

By Mayur Deshmukh
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About this video

In this course, you are going to understand Cucumber concepts using JUnit and Selenium. Before we dive into the course let’s understand BDD. BDD stands for Behavior Driven Development, which is inspired by TDD, that is, Test Driven Development. TDD is a development that is driven by testing, in which the test cases are driven by testing before even the development of an application.

The course starts with an introduction to BDD and proceeds to help you create a Cucumber Maven project. You will then delve into various options that are used to set specific properties in Cucumber, such as dry run, strict, and monochrome. As you advance, you will get to grips with Selenium WebDriver and learn about parameters and data tables in Cucumber. You will also learn about Cucumber hooks (global, tagged, and ordering) and Cucumber tags. Finally, you will discover how to use a page object model in the Cucumber framework.

By the end of this course, you will have gained a solid understanding of behavior-driven development in Cucumber.

All resources and code files are placed here:

Publication date:
September 2020
3 hours 51 minutes

About the Author
  • Mayur Deshmukh

    Mayur Deshmukh is a founder and instructor at De ZINNIA Learning, which is a company dedicated to providing industry-standard training on software automation testing tools and programming languages. Their programs include extensive hands-on training in Java, C#, Python, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, TestNG, Cucumber (BDD), continuous integration, Jenkins, REST, SOAP API automation, WireMock, and Gatling load testing. Mayur motivates his students to keep up a learner’s attitude to be able to adopt new technologies to sustain and grow in this dynamic software industry.

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Cucumber BDD Made Easy + Automation Framework Design [Video]
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