CSS for Everybody: From Beginner to Boss [Video]

By Kalob Taulien
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About this video

In the first section of the course, we’ll learn about CSS syntax, how to style certain HTML elements using CSS selectors, changing the text on our page, using different colors, changing default link styling, adding background images, working with borders, changing heights and widths of elements, changing spacing with margins and paddings, and making parts of your page see-through.

In the second section, we’ll apply everything we learned in CSS 101 and get our hands dirty with more advanced CSS. This includes understanding the display property, the box model, outlines versus borders, specific element positioning, advanced CSS selectors, pseudo selectors and pseudo-elements, transitions, animations, flexbox, and CSS grid.

In the final section, we’ll learn about responsive web design. This is how we make websites look great on all devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, and more.

We’ll also dive right into media queries and what mobile-first means and why it’s important. Then we’ll make images and video embeds responsive. And we’ll finish the course with a final project where you make a flexbox (or CSS grid) page layout and then transform it into a responsive website so that it looks amazing on smaller devices, such as a phone.

The code bundle for this course is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/CSS-for-Everybody-From-Beginner-to-Boss

Publication date:
March 2021
4 hours 31 minutes

About the Author

  • Kalob Taulien

    Kalob Taulien is a professional web developer who has been developing websites and working with start-ups since 1999. He has a broad set of skills in software, web development, and information technology. He has helped thousands of people learn web development through many platforms. The passion to learn and to share his knowledge by teaching and helping others is something that drives him constantly. Kalob's ability to turn complex programming concepts into easy-to-understand bits of knowledge has been called his superpower. Throughout the years, he has built numerous websites. He even provides one-on-one coaching and start-up consulting to new organizations.

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