Computer Programming for Absolute Beginners

By Joakim Wassberg
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About this book

Learning how to code has many advantages, and gaining the right programming skills can have a massive impact on what you can do with your current skill set and the way you advance in your career. This book will be your guide to learning computer programming easily, helping you overcome the difficulties in understanding the major constructs in any mainstream programming language.

Computer Programming for Absolute Beginners starts by taking you through the building blocks of any programming language with thorough explanations and relevant examples in pseudocode. You'll understand the relationship between computer programs and programming languages and how code is executed on the computer. The book then focuses on the different types of applications that you can create with your programming knowledge. You'll delve into programming constructs, learning all about statements, operators, variables, and data types. As you advance, you'll see how to control the flow of your programs using control structures and reuse your code using functions. Finally, you'll explore best practices that will help you write code like a pro.

By the end of this book, you'll be prepared to learn any programming language and take control of your career by adding coding to your skill set.

Publication date:
July 2020

About the Author

  • Joakim Wassberg

    Joakim Wassberg is a software developer who for the past 30 years has worked in a variety of areas, such as security in financial systems, secure payment systems, and as a specialist and architect of development methods. Throughout his career, he has always worked with education in programming, from introducing children in a playful way to take their first steps, to teaching senior developers a new technology or development methodology, and from company training to university courses. Since 2014, together with his wife, he has run the company Arthead, which works exclusively in education and educational development.

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