Cassandra High Performance Cookbook: Second Edition

By Edward Capriolo
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About this book

Across the planet data is growing rapidly and so is the need for scalable data storage systems. Apache Cassandra was designed from the ground up to be a fully distributed low latency system to store and access data on hundreds of physical servers and multiple geographic locations. Cassandra as a product is evolving fast. As a consequence, the Cassandra community and the list of customers continues to grow and so is the number of use cases.

"Cassandra High Performance Cookbook: Second Edition" covers more than 100 recipes on how to use Apache Cassandra in different scenarios. Recipes mainly include tasks on how to perform installation, to changing settings for optimal performance, to designing schema, integration, querying, and many more, so that massive amounts of data can be stored, retrieved, and analyzed quickly.

The book starts explaining how to quickly set up Cassandra. After learning the basics, we start developing an application that stores data in Cassandra. By the end of the book the user understands the key features of the database. The book's recipes show the user many important concepts and we start with schema design to store data in Cassandra. We then show how to interact with Cassandra using the command line interface and programs. We also cover performance tuning tips from the operating system level to the application level. The book describes how to administer large Cassandra clusters by adding and removing nodes and even entire data centres. We show third party libraries and applications that can be used with Cassandra, and we cover in depth performance analysis and monitoring techniques.

Publication date:
February 2014

About the Author
  • Edward Capriolo

    Edward Capriolo, who also authored the previous book, Cassandra High Performance Cookbook, is currently system administrator at Media6degrees where he helps design and maintain distributed data storage systems for the Internet advertising industry. Edward is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a committer for the Hadoop-Hive project. He has experience as a developer as well as a Linux and network administrator and enjoys the rich world of open source software.

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Cassandra High Performance Cookbook: Second Edition
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