C++ for Beginners [Video]

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By David Pither-Patterson
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About this video

Have you always wanted to create console video games, but lack the basic C++ skills? Do you want to understand a more "heavy-duty" programming language? Do you really want to get "under the hood" and complete more complex computing tasks quickly? Do you simply want to advance your current skill set and learn one of the world's most popular programming languages?

C++ is one of the most widely used languages in the world. It's used for everything from financial trading applications (where speed equals revenue!) to console video games.

Delve into the C++ programming language with this course, C++ For Beginners, authored by expert David Pither-Patterson. David is an experienced instructor, specializing in presenting complex technical information in a manner that just about anyone can grasp. With David's help, you'll start by setting up your development environment and working your way through all the C++ fundamentals.

Included in the 46 video lectures that comprise the course are dozens and dozens of code examples that you can learn from. You'll also complete engaging lab exercises that are not only fun, but specially designed to help you retain the information in the lectures.

C++ is one of the most important languages you can learn--and there is no better way to learn it than with LearnToProgram's David Pither-Patterson!

Publication date:
June 2016
6 hours 8 minutes

About the Author
  • David Pither-Patterson

    David is a software architect and an independent consultant in the software development field. He has over 25 years of experience in software, systems and hardware. He has designed and built everything from simple games to million-line security suites in private industry and academia.

    David holds a BS in Business Administration and a degree in Electronic Engineering. In addition, he holds many certifications from major companies such as Microsoft, Novell, and the Scrum Alliance. David is also a licensed pilot and a Guardian ad Litem and enjoys fixing up old houses.

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Latest Reviews (6 reviews total)
Perfect job. Well done!!!
Alles erwartungsgemäß, Begrafung sehr lästig
Good value at £5, but I would have been really upset at the full price.
C++ for Beginners [Video]
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