Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI - with Material [Video]

By Pavan Lalwani
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    Introduction to Power BI
About this video
Whether you want to prepare your data for visualization or create eye-catching reports and dashboards from datasets, Power BI is the answer. This course will teach you the necessary Power BI tools, and you will gain the skills and confidence to use them effectively in the real world. The course starts by introducing you to Power BI and takes you through the setup process of Power BI on your machines. Next, you will learn how to create charts, maps, tables, and matrix in Power BI. Moving along, you will learn to use cards, filters, slicers, and advanced charts. Next, you will learn to insert objects, such as images, texts, and shapes, in Power BI and discover what are bookmarks and actions. As you advanced, you will learn to create, publish, and export reports using the Power BI service and become familiar with the text, date, and number functions. Finally, you will learn how to append data, understand merge queries, and go through additional important topics of Power BI, such as group, transpose, and unpivot. By the end of this course, you will have the Power BI skills needed for turning huge chunks of boring datasets into impressive reports and dashboards. The code files and all related files are uploaded on GitHub at
Publication date:
February 2021
8 hours 47 minutes

About the Author
  • Pavan Lalwani

    Pavan Lalwani is a highly skilled and self-motivated trainer who has expertise in various business intelligence tools, such as Power BI, Tableau, and Microsoft Excel. He has 10 years of experience in training individuals in different industry sectors, such as banking, finance, healthcare, IT, automobile, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical. His major clients include Mercedes-Benz, Loreal, IBM, L&T, Wipro, Bajaj Finance, ITC, DHL, Deutsche Bank, Yes Bank, Mahindra, Morgan Stanley, and Deloitte, among others that are spread across the globe. He believes in providing end-to-end solutions through his training videos and is himself responsible for designing the course content, quizzes, online training, clarifying doubts, and any additional help required.

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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI - with Material [Video]
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