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With the growing demand for full-stack developers, it is important to learn how you can combine the powers of Python with other libraries to create amazing applications.

Django has basic front-end support but we show how complex operations can be performed at the front-end. We show you how to unleash the power of Python's Rest API and other functionalities to create compelling applications powered by ReactJS.

We will be using a production-level database such as Postgres. Delving into key aspects such as code reusability, deployment and maintaining your application, we discuss production server configuration and bundle technologies with Python to provide an end-to-end web development solution.

The code bundle for this video course is available at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Building-REST-APIs-with-Python

Style and Approach

This video takes you through a real-world step-by-step approach to building your first Web application with Python, Django, and PostgreSQL.

Publication date:
July 2018
2 hours and 49 minutes

About the Author

  • Wayne Merry

    CPA Work Experience

    • Financial Controller HOPE worldwide Australia (Development and benevolence charity) 2013-2017 and consultant to HOPE worldwide Papua New Guinea
    • Investment manager Mimas Lapetus Trust 2005-2012
    • General Manager Merry's Specialties 2003-2004
    • Trading Systems project lead Bourse Data 1998-2003
    • Industrial Systems manager United Weighing Australia 1995-1998


    • BA App Sci (Computer Technology) 1991-1994
    • Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Hnrs) 2004-2008
    • Masters of Professional Accounting and Masters of International Finance (2010-2012)


    • Bush Search and Rescue 2009 (developed GPS field training software using Django—first used 2011, and still in use)
    • Third-world charity program implementation, reporting, and management
    • Christianity
    • He works too hard to listen to much music, but he loves listening to techno while programming in Django!

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