Building Machine Learning Projects with TensorFlow

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By Rodolfo Bonnin
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  1. Exploring and Transforming Data

About this book

This book of projects highlights how TensorFlow can be used in different scenarios - this includes projects for training models, machine learning, deep learning, and working with various neural networks. Each project provides exciting and insightful exercises that will teach you how to use TensorFlow and show you how layers of data can be explored by working with Tensors. Simply pick a project that is in line with your environment and get stacks of information on how to implement TensorFlow in production.

Publication date:
November 2016

About the Author

  • Rodolfo Bonnin

    Rodolfo Bonnin is a systems engineer and Ph.D. student at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Argentina. He has also pursued parallel programming and image understanding postgraduate courses at Universität Stuttgart, Germany.

    He has been doing research on high-performance computing since 2005 and began studying and implementing convolutional neural networks in 2008, writing a CPU- and GPU-supporting neural network feedforward stage. More recently he's been working in the field of fraud pattern detection with Neural Networks and is currently working on signal classification using machine learning techniques.

    He is also the author of Building Machine Learning Projects with Tensorflow and Machine Learning for Developers by Packt Publishing.

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