Build Responsive Websites with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and SASS [Video]

By Shubham Sarda
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About this video

Responsive web design is about creating web pages that look good on all devices. A responsive web design helps automatically adjust for different screens to make it user friendly.

This course touches on each important topic through concept explanation, documentation, and implementation. The entire course is designed for beginners with one goal in mind—to build responsive websites using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and SASS.

Throughout the course, we will explore 6 projects namely Profile Card, Login Page, Spotify Clone using Flexbox, Testimonial Page using CSS Grid, Portfolio Website using Bootstrap, and EdTech Startup Landing Page. With the help of these projects, we will understand the following topics:

-How does the web work

-HTML fundamentals

-HTML semantics

-CSS fundamentals

-Responsive design



-CSS libraries

-Bootstrap (CSS framework)

-SASS (CSS preprocessor)

-Website deployment

The complete course is focused on the concept learning approach; you learn every concept through a logical and visual learning approach. Learn all the important concepts in the simplest viable way with examples and real-life projects.

By the end of the course, you will be ready to work as an intern, fresher, or freelancer, and you will also be able to implement everything yourself. Most importantly, you will be ready to dive deep with future practice and hard-level questions about website building.

All resources and code files are placed here:

Publication date:
January 2022
23 hours 34 minutes

About the Author
  • Shubham Sarda

    Shubham Sarda is a software developer and digital marketer with a passion for teaching. He has worked with many funded start-ups, self-projects, and as a top-rated freelancer on multiple marketplaces. Currently, he stands among the top 700 freelancers with over 2,500+ projects on Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, and more.

    As an instructor, he has taught programming and digital marketing to over 20,000 students, both with online courses and offline bootcamps. He has mastered explaining complex topics in the simplest form that is easy to understand and follow. His video courses are also used by companies to train their employees and by colleges to prepare and upgrade their students according to the latest industry requirements.

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Build Responsive Websites with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and SASS [Video]
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