Shubham Sarda

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Shubham Sarda is a software developer and digital marketer with a passion for teaching. He's worked with many start-ups, projects, and as a freelancer in various marketplaces. He's currently among the Top 700 freelancers with over 2500+ projects completed on Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Freelance, and more. He has taught programming and marketing to over 1000 students online and offline as an instructor. Shubham has mastered explaining very complex topics in the simplest manner that is easy to understand and follow.

Books from Shubham Sarda

  1. Building Twitter Bot With Python and Tweepy - Python Project [Video]
    Learn automation by building a Twitter bot with Python, Tweepy, and the Twitter API
  2. Object-oriented Programming with Python - A Practical Guide [Video]
    Learn Object-oriented Programming in Python—beginner-level! (Exercises + cheat sheets + better Coding)!
  3. Mastering Git and GitHub - A Practical Bootcamp for Beginners [Video]
    A step-by-step guide to successfully collaborate and manage your code
  4. WordPress Speed Optimization - A Complete Guide To Boost Website Speed [Video]
    Boost your WordPress website speed from 20 sec. up to 1 sec. (improve your Google ranking, improve your visitor experience, and load websites fast)
  5. Python GUI Programming - Building a Desktop Application with Tkinter and SQLite [Video]
    Implement a hands-on Python GUI project: Build a Cryptocurrency portfolio app with Python, Tkinter, SQLite3, and the CoinMarketCap API.
  6. Python A-Z - Learn Python Programming By Building 5 Projects [Video]
    Python programming masterclass for beginners – learn all about Python 3 with object-oriented concepts, five projects and more!
  7. The Complete SEO Training Masterclass [Video]
    Mega search engine optimization course – learn keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, link building, SEO audit, 20+ tools, negative SEO, WordPress SEO, and more!
  8. Advance SEO: Learn Premium SEO Tools to Rank High On Google [Video]
    Learn these SEO tools: Ahref, Alexa, WordAI, Articleforge, and more! Keep an eye on your competitors' SEO strategies and rank high
  9. Django A-Z: Learn Django 2 by building and deploying project [Video]
    Learn Django 2.2 - build real web applications with Python, Django, and SQLite3 and deploy them on a Heroku server
  10. Python Programming Advanced: Understanding Weird Concepts [Video]
    Take your understanding of Python programming a step ahead by learning the advanced concepts
  11. Data Structures and Algorithms: The Complete Masterclass [Video]
    Get ready to solve modern computing problems with data structures and algorithms