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With growing market demands, every developer working on various programming languages plans to become a full-stack developer and database management is key to developing every web, desktop, or cloud application.

You'll start by preparing your own database tables, then create an advanced database design to manage your data efficiently, which is necessary when you are working with a large set of data for any project. Along the way, you will also experience the power of database models and relationships to reuse a particular set of data.

By the end of the course, you will be able to build and design efficient databases. You will also be able to use normalization to restructure your database and reduce redundancy.

Publication date:
December 2018
1 hour 27 minutes

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  • Smail Oubaalla

    Smail Oubaalla is a talented Software Engineer with an interest in building the most effective, beautiful and correct piece of software possible. He has helped companies build excellent programs. He also manages projects and has experience in designing and managing new products.

    When not working, he loves hanging out with friends, hiking, and playing sports (football, basketball, rugby, and more). He also loves working his way through every recipe he can find in the family cookbook or elsewhere, and indulging his love for seeing new places.

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