AWS Certified Database - Specialty (DBS-C01) Certification Guide

By Kate Gawron
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    Chapter 1: AWS Certified Database – Specialty Overview
About this book

The AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification is one of the most challenging AWS certifications. It validates your comprehensive understanding of databases, including the concepts of design, migration, deployment, access, maintenance, automation, monitoring, security, and troubleshooting. With this guide, you'll understand how to use various AWS databases, such as Aurora Serverless and Global Database, and even services such as Redshift and Neptune.

You’ll start with an introduction to the AWS databases, and then delve into workload-specific database design. As you advance through the chapters, you'll learn about migrating and deploying the databases, along with database security techniques such as encryption, auditing, and access controls. This AWS book will also cover monitoring, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery techniques, before testing all the knowledge you've gained throughout the book with the help of mock tests.

By the end of this book, you'll have covered everything you need to pass the DBS-C01 AWS certification exam and have a handy, on-the-job desk reference guide.

Publication date:
May 2022


Part 1: Introduction to Databases on AWS

This section provides an overview of the AWS Database Specialty exam. It also introduces database fundamentals and ensures you have a good base level of database knowledge before delving deeper into AWS-specific concepts.

This section includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, AWS Certified Database – Specialty Exam Overview
  • Chapter 2, Understanding Database Fundamentals
  • Chapter 3, Understanding AWS Infrastructure
About the Author
  • Kate Gawron

    Kate Gawron is a full-time senior database consultant and part-time future racing driver. She was a competitor in Formula Woman, and she aspires to become a professional Gran Turismo (GT) racing driver. Away from the racetrack, Kate has worked with Oracle databases for 18 years and AWS for five years. She holds four AWS certifications, including the AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification as well as two professional Oracle qualifications. Kate currently works as a senior database architect, where she works with customers to migrate and refactor their databases to work optimally within the AWS cloud.

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AWS Certified Database - Specialty (DBS-C01) Certification Guide
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