API Analytics for Product Managers

By Deepa Goyal
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About this book

APIs are crucial in modern markets as they allow faster innovation. But have you ever considered your APIs as products for revenue generation?

API Analytics for Product Managers takes you through the benefits of effectively researching, strategizing, marketing, and continuously measuring the effectiveness of your APIs to help grow both B2B and B2C SaaS companies.

Once you've been introduced to the concept of an API as a product, this fast-paced guide will show you how to establish metrics for activation, retention, engagement, and usage of your API products, as well as metrics to measure the reach and effectiveness of documentation—an oft-overlooked aspect of development.

Of course, it's not all about the product: as any good product manager knows; you need to understand your customer's needs, expectations, and satisfaction too. Once you've gathered your data, you’ll need to be able to derive actionable insights from it. This is where we’ll cover the advanced concepts of leading and lagging metrics, removing bias from the metric-setting process, and bringing metrics together to establish long- and short-term goals.

By the end of this Saas book, you'll be perfectly placed to apply product management methodologies to the building and scaling of revenue-generating APIs

Publication date:
February 2023

About the Author

  • Deepa Goyal

    Deepa Goyal is a Silicon Valley veteran with a diverse experience in Fortune500 Tech as well as startups. She is currently Product Manager at PayPal where she is growing the company’s Application Programming Interface (API) offerings used by the software developer community in thousands of third party Websites and Mobile Apps. In addition to Product Management, Deepa is a skilled Data Science professional who applies insights gathered from data science to product management.

    Deepa is an computer science engineer and also has degree from University of Berkley in Project Management and Visual arts, she has also pursued part Time course in Data Science using Python, Statistics and Machine.

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API Analytics for Product Managers
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