Angular Projects

3.3 (3 reviews total)
By Zama Khan Mohammed
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  1. Setting Up the Development Environment

About this book

Angular is one of the best frameworks, not only for building web applications, but also for building applications on other platforms such as desktop and mobile. It is packed with amazing web tools that allow developers to become more productive and make the development experience a happier one

This book will be your practical guide when it comes to building optimized web apps using Angular. The book explores a number of popular features, including the experimental Ivy rendered, lazy loading, and differential loading, among others, in the projects. It starts with the basics of Angular and its tools, which will help you to develop and debug Angular applications. You will learn how to create an SPA using Angular Router, and optimize it by code splitting and Preloading Routes. We will then build a form-heavy application and make forms reactive by using Reactive Forms. After that, we will learn how to build a Progressive Web App, and a server-side rendering app, as well as a MonoRepo app. Furthermore, we will also dive into building mobile apps using Ionic and NativeScript. Finally, we end the book by creating a component library for our application using Angular CDK and then testing it.

By the end of this book, you’ll have gained comprehensive insights into using Angular, along with hands-on experience in creating intuitive real-world applications.

Publication date:
September 2019

About the Author

  • Zama Khan Mohammed

    Zama Khan Mohammed is a software architect, building enterprise web applications, with more than 7 years of experience. He has a master's degree in computer science and has loads of experience in software development using technologies such as Angular, React, and AWS. He has a keen interest in software development as well as machine learning, and he is passionate about teaching his interests to others and mentoring.

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Latest Reviews

(3 reviews total)
Muy útil y académico. Aporta mucho el contar con el código fuente de cada proyecto, lo que permite corregir errores propios al desarrollar.
Terribly broken code. The only support offered is through author's twitter page, which is useless if you don't have an account. Idea of book looks great, but fails to deliver in every way.
It depend what product I select. site performance is a little slow compare to others sites. and search is sometime not so easy and correct. thanks,

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