An Agile Crash Course: Agile Project Management and Agile Delivery [Video]

By Mauricio Rubio
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About this video

Think of this course as Agile for Dummies (or Agile for anyone and Agile for everyone). This Agile course will allow you to master the most important concepts and tools of Agile development, Agile project delivery and Agile project management. This Agile crash course has been designed to enable you to become agile the Agile way, in less than an hour! Step into my classroom and start learning about Agile now. You will learn about powerful tools and concepts that will enable you to become more successful in your projects. We will go beyond the definition of Agile, from rituals and tools, to activities, concepts, examples and reflections. So take the course now to learn what all of this means in more detail and how you can apply it to become and Agilelist.

Style and Approach

This Agile Crash Course has been designed to enable you to become Agile the Agile way, in less than an hour! You will learn from an Agile Master and expert Project Manager.

Publication date:
June 2018
1 hour 5 minutes

About the Author

  • Mauricio Rubio

    Mauricio Rubio is an serial entrepreneur, techie, life hacker, expert PM and MBA. He's a master of management and engineering with ten years’ project management experience (Agile certified). An expert in software and mobile development projects (including Agile development and digital services) , he has a strong capacity to drive innovation, productivity, efficiency, improvement, growth and high performance. His experience lies with higher education, small, mid-size and large companies and he has a proven track record of consistently exceeding targets, delivering projects on time and within budget (flawless project execution). He has lead course development on, LMS, CMS, CRM, mobile apps, Facebook apps, web development, new product development, IT, operations, sales and procurement projects across a wide range of industries including higher education, IT, FMCG and equipment industries.

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