Agile Project Management [Video]

By Paul Ashun
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    Part 1 – Agile Project Management – Scrum Step by Step with Examples
About this video
The course starts with an in-depth overview of Scrum with examples and advice on each Scrum practice such as Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospective, and Sprint Review. It Includes overviews of Agile practices such as the kick-off meeting and releases planning meeting. Next, we will get a concise overview of Agile user stories—including how to write a user story description, acceptance criteria to capture the detail, the purpose of epics and themes in dealing with large or vague requirements, and how to split stories along with the reasons why user stories are favored over traditional methods of capturing requirements. This includes lectures on the principles that underpin user stories, such as the INVEST principle and the Three Cs formula. This will be followed by checklists for all events, roles, rules, and artifacts used to deliver a project. We will also discuss product backlog and user stories at length; short stories/case studies based on real industry experience and research, and the correct methods for improvement and dealing with difficult situations is essential to mastering Agile Scrum. Finally, we will wrap up with a concise overview of Kanban, which will include Origin, how to use the Kanban Board, Workflow, Work in Progress Limits, Priority setting, and the Pull System. By the end of the course, you will become an expert in understanding and implementing all the best industrial practices of Agile project management. All resources and code files are placed here:
Publication date:
August 2022
6 hours 31 minutes

About the Author
  • Paul Ashun

    Paul Ashun is the CEO, MD, and chief consultant at Pashun Consulting Ltd., specializing in Scrum coaching and leadership within major global organizations. They are the authors of over 10 books on Scrum such as The Power of Scrum in the Real World, Confessions of a Scrum Master as well as the upcoming Agile User Storybook. He started as a software developer and over ten years later, he became an Agile portfolio manager. He is a certified Scrum Master and a PMO manager. He has led projects for the BBC, General Electric, Oracle, BSkyB, HiT Entertainment, and Razorfish. He has been coaching product owners and business analysts in international blue-chip companies dating back to 1999, in Agile and Scrum practices such as writing user stories.

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Agile Project Management [Video]
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