A 3D Artist's Guide to learning low poly modeling in Blender

By Carlos Barreto
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About this book

3D modeling in Blender can get extremely tedious, especially when you have to animate a lot of frames. If you want to perfect your animations rather than spend loads of time on your models, then we’ve got you covered with A 3D Artist’s Guide to Learning Low Poly Modeling in Blender.

This book takes you on an exciting journey from the basics of low poly modeling in Blender to creating a simple animation with your low poly assets. You’ll apply the skills you learn to build a low poly farm scene, complete with animals, people, vehicles, and furniture. You’ll learn the important design aspects of each element in the scene, from the vegetation to the hairstyles of the characters! Once the scene is built, you’ll take a look at Blender’s two rendering engines, Cycles and EEVEE, so that you can see the practical differences between them. Then you’ll animate the characters, bringing the scene to life! The book concludes with some advice on making your way in the 3D industry and accelerating your career as a 3D artist.

By the end of this book, you will be creating and animating 3D scenes in Blender faster than ever before, thanks to the power of low poly modeling.

Publication date:
April 2023

About the Author

  • Carlos Barreto

    Carlos Eduardo da Silva Barreto is a 3D generalist with more than 26 years of experience in the 3D industry, creating animation add-ons primarily in Blender to develop efficient and fastest workflows that make life easier for Blender artists. His add-ons have had thousands of downloads which goes on to show the Blender community’s love and appreciation for his work. Carlos is a challenge seeker, constantly trying to improve existing processes with new tools and ideas to benefit the Blender community.

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A 3D Artist's Guide to learning low poly modeling in Blender
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