77-727 Microsoft Excel Certification - MOS Excel Core Exam [Video]

By Dave Murphy
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About this video

Microsoft Certification (MOS) - Use your knowledge to become a Microsoft Office Specialist in Core Excel. This course will prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist Exam 77-727. The course provides an overview of the exam, the objective requirements set by Microsoft, tips on how to prepare and what to expect on the day of the test. It includes a comprehensive bank of test exercises which reflect the style of questions asked in the 77-727 Microsoft Core Excel exam. A comprehensive series of lectures are provided which cover every step needed to succeed.

Become a Microsoft Office Specialist and Enhance Your Career

Use your knowledge to obtain certified status

Understand the 77-727 Exam

Learn how to correctly prepare for the test

Get advice from a seasoned professional who knows how to pass the exam

Core Excel with the MOS 77-727 Exam

This course is suitable for people at all levels of proficiency in Microsoft Excel. If you are new to the subject, then the course will lead you step by step through every single technique which is tested in the 77-727 exam. If you are already proficient in the use of Excel to some extent, then this course will help you to understand what is required in order to obtain a valuable certification in the subject. Every element of the objective domain for the 77-727 exam is comprehensively covered, together with exercises designed to ensure that you know the style and types of questions which you are required to answer in the exam. When you pass the 77-727 exam, Microsoft issue you with the MOS, or Microsoft Office Specialist certification status, in core Excel. Obtaining this certification provides tangible evidence that you are proficient in your use of Microsoft Excel and your LinkedIn profile will be automatically adjusted by Microsoft to reflect this achievement. If you follow and complete the course and exercises you will optimize your chances of gaining that qualification, you will enhance your status in your existing job and boost your job prospects in the marketplace.

Style and Approach

The course explains how the exam is structured, the way that the questions should be approached and how to study successfully to pass. The course also includes invaluable advice on the best way to prepare and what to expect from the testing process. 

Publication date:
February 2019
6 hours 15 minutes

About the Author
  • Dave Murphy

    Dave Murphy - With over twenty years of experience as a systems analyst and project manager with significant experience in the design and implementation of major projects for some of the world’s largest companies, Dave Murphy changed his career track in 2000 and has been a professional university educator for over 20 years. Dave is currently a lecturer in business information systems at the Technological University, Dublin. His main interests are in Microsoft certifications, project management, and business process analysis.

    Dave has a bachelor’s in science (Hons) from Trinity College, Dublin, and a master’s degree in computing. In addition to obtaining PRINCE2 Practitioner status, Dave is also a Microsoft Certified Professional in managing projects with Microsoft Project, is a MOS Master, and also a MOS examiner.

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77-727 Microsoft Excel Certification - MOS Excel Core Exam [Video]
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