Free PDF eBook: Swift Essentials - Second Edition

Take on the world of Swift with nearly 250 pages of tutorials to get you up and running in no time at all

Looking to get into Swift as fast as possible? Look no further than this FREE 248 page eBook to get started in the world of Swift from the first steps. Containing tutorials, best practices, and more you can worry less on how to do what, and more on just getting stuck in!

  • Dive into Swift and explore its innovative and powerful syntax
  • Work with Swift in Xcode to get a unique and productive approach to development
  • Discover rapid prototyping with a Swift playground
  • Get to know how to use the Swift storyboard to develop multi-page applications
  • Get to grips with parsing JSON and XML data from network sources
  • Build a network client for GitHub repositories, with full source code on GitHub
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