Preventing Digital Extortion

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  • Delve into the various types, stages, and economics of digital extortion
  • Understand the science behind different attacks
  • Understand the gravity of and mechanics behind ransomware and prevent and mitigate data breaches and financial losses
  • Use effective tools to defend against ransomware
  • Analyze attacks, the money flow, and cyber insurance processes
  • Learn the art of preventing digital extortion and securing confidential data
  • Get an idea of the future of extortion tactics and how technological advances will affect their development

More and more cyber threats keep emerging every day, affecting organizations across the board, targeting the entire spectrum of the Internet. Digital--or cyber--extortion so far has come across as the most serious of such threats as it seeks to profit from criminal activity, akin to blackmail. Such extortion has been rising exponentially in the digital age and has become a huge illegal money-making business, affecting users and organizations ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

This is an insightful study spelling out in detail the ways and means employed by cyber criminals in targeting various devices and the multiple dangers such malicious activity embodies.

Here will be found an overview of methods employed to impact and infect computers, smartphones, servers, and the IoT for cyber extortion. Then, it will move on to specific subjects in more detail, covering attacks such as DDoS-based extortion, cryptoviruses, and ransomware. You will learn how to prevent such attacks and eliminate them if you are compromised. This book will help you become a pro at securing your data and preventing your organization from paying a hefty ransom.

  • Get acquainted with multiple cyber extortion attacks and techniques to mitigate them
  • Learn how DDOS, Crypto Virus, and other cyber extortion techniques can infect your computers, smartphones, servers, and cloud
  • A concise, fast-paced guide that develops your skills in protecting confidential data by leveraging widely used tools
Page Count 360
Course Length 10 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781787120365
Date Of Publication 25 May 2017


Dhanya Thakkar

A transformation specialist with over 20 years' experience as a business leader focused on the next generation of enterprise companies including security, Dhanya Thakkar understands how to help organizations drive innovation, compliance, and business efficiency while managing risk without compromising security. With a strong track record in leadership roles in top-tier technology firms and in various start-ups, he is recognized as an industry thought leader and is regularly quoted by the press on issues surrounding information security, cybercrime, and the future of technology by trade, national, and international media.

A highly dynamic and extremely skilled executive who successfully blends technological acumen and business skills, he has a proven track record in demonstrating to organizations how to operationalize their cyber security policies with effective tools, processes, and people.

He is the co-inventor of two patented technologies and has published articles on software technology. He earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from Maharaja Sayajirao University in India. He completed the Executive Program at Queen’s School of Business. He has helped create and grow multiple technology businesses and product lines to market-leading positions and is also a frequent speaker at conferences and forums around the world.