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  • Get started with an Nginx installation from scratch in various environments and customize it for your purposes
  • Start and stop a basic Nginx installation, discover the basics of process management, and learn how to set up Nginx to serve static data
  • Create highly-maintainable configuration files to perform the most critical Nginx maintenance tasks
  • Set up Nginx as a reverse proxy and learn to use the Nginx caching feature
  • Discover how to benefit from the Nginx rewrite engine and how to use access restrictions in Nginx
  • Use various Nginx features to manage inbound traffic and understand how to use Nginx load balancing and fault tolerance features
  • Understand advanced feature-independent performance tuning strategies and optimizations
  • Manage inbound and outbound traffic and configure access control

Nginx is an open source and cross-platform reverse proxy server designed for low memory usage and high performance and concurrency.

This book provides both basic and in-depth knowledge to help you effectively solve challenges with Nginx, or comfortably go through a transition period when switching to Nginx.

Starting with the basics, you will learn by example how to set up, configure, and operate an Nginx installation and use features of Nginx to elegantly solve challenges you experience every day when running your website. You will learn to use the rewrite engine to solve day-to-day tasks and be able to configure access restrictions in Nginx. You will also be able to manage inbound traffic using a number of Nginx features and use Nginx for load balancing and fault-tolerance features. Finally, you will learn how to solve common performance problems and apply a number of performance-tuning strategies.

Through easy exploration of the most intricate topics, this book aims to bring you to the next level in your Nginx experience.

  • Learn how to set up, configure, and operate an Nginx installation for day-to-day use
  • Explore the vast features of Nginx to manage it like a pro, and use them successfully to run your website
  • Example-based guide to get the best out of Nginx to reduce resource usage footprint
Page Count 150
Course Length 4 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781785289538
Date Of Publication 21 Jul 2015


Valery Kholodkov

Valery Kholodkov is a seasoned IT professional with a decade of experience in creating, building, scaling, and maintaining industrial-grade web services, web applications, and mobile application backends. Throughout his career, he has worked for well-known brands, such as Yandex,, and AVG. He currently works for his own consultancy firm. Valery has a deep understanding of technology and is able to express its essence, advantages, and risks to a layman, which makes him an accomplished author of technology books.