Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns

More Information
  • How BizTalk Server 2010 works and appropriate topologies for different scenarios
  • Structure and unit test BizTalk Server 2010 solutions
  • Build BizTalk Server 2010 solutions that are easy to modify and expand
  • Create compelling Business Activity Monitoring
  • Deploy BizTalk Server 2010 solutions
  • Consume and expose WCF Services with BizTalk Server 2010
  • Use the Business Rules Engine to perform complex business processing decisions
  • Leverage Parties to dynamically route messages without requiring code changes
  • Implement convoy patterns



Patterns and practices make or break any middleware or integration solution and are especially important with BizTalk Server 2010. Learning the best patterns to use in the appropriate context greatly increases the chances of success for any solution.

Microsoft Biztalk server 2010 patterns will provide a thorough introduction to BizTalk Server 2010 as a platform and guide the reader through real world lessons and examples building an advanced unified solution that can be used as a reference architecture.

This book will guide you beyond the basics of BizTalk Server 2010 development and give you the relevant background, theory, and techniques necessary to create successful solutions. You will learn how the BizTalk Server 2010 platform works internally and how to plan for the necessary infrastructure for an installation. You will learn how to build messaging-based solutions including content-based routing that are easy to manage and change. You will learn how to solve common integration and middleware challenges by leveraging the strengths of BizTalk Server 2010.

This book addresses using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 and associated tools to create middleware and integration solutions with established patterns and practices that increase the effectiveness and impact of your solutions.

  • Provides a unified example from the beginning to end of a real world solution
  • A starter guide expecting little or no previous BizTalk experience, but offering advanced concepts and techniques
  • Provides in-depth background and introduction to the platform and technology
  • Written by a Biztalk architecture MVP


Page Count 396
Course Length 11 hours 52 minutes
ISBN 9781849684606
Date Of Publication 27 Oct 2011


Dan Rosanova

Dan Rosanova is a two-time Microsoft BizTalk MVP with over twelve years of experience delivering solutions on Microsoft platforms in the financial services, insurance, banking, telecommunications, and logistics industries, where he has specialized in high volume and low latency distributed applications. Dan has extensive experience with .NET, XML, services, and queuing. Dan is a senior architect in the Technology Integration practice at West Monroe Partners, an international, full-service business and technology consulting firm focused on guiding organizations through projects that fundamentally transform their business.