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JBoss Portal Server Development

Ramanujam Rao

Create dynamic, feature-rich, and robust enterprise portal applications
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847194107
Paperback276 pages

About This Book

  • Complete guide with examples for building enterprise portal applications using the free, open-source standards-based JBoss portal server
  • Quickly build portal applications such as B2B web sites or corporate intranets
  • Practical approach to understanding concepts such as personalization, single sign-on, integration with web technologies, and content management

Who This Book Is For

This book is for portal developers, portal administrators, designers and architects working on the Java platform, who want to build web portal solutions. The book doesn't expect an expert knowledge of portal or JEE technologies, but does presume a basic understanding of web technologies and the Java/JEE platform. However, the concepts are lucid enough that any competent developer can easily find immediate value in the book and start creating dynamic portal applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Portals and Portal Servers
Why portals?
Types of portals
Portal servers
Chapter 2: Getting Started with JBoss Portal
JBoss portal server
Installing the server
Working with the portal
Chapter 3: Saying Hello with a Portlet
JSR-168 and JSR-286 — Java portlet specification
A Hello World portlet
Chapter 4: Managing the View
The Presentation tier in portals
Using Java Server Pages
Using Java Server Faces
Using JBoss Seam
Building a sample application: an intranet portal
Chapter 5: Personalizing Our Portal Experience
Personalization and customization
Personalizing the portal
Chapter 6: Portals and AJAX
Rich user interfaces and AJAX
AJAX in JBoss portal
JSR-168 AJAX limitations
JSR-286 and AJAX
Developing an AJAX portlet
AJAX support for markup
AJAX support for content
Considerations for AJAX implementations
Chapter 7: Databases and Portal
Database use in portal
JBoss portal server using Hibernate
Building portlets using Hibernate
Chapter 8: Managing Content in Portal
Content management systems
Chapter 9: Portal Security
Portal security
Portal objects security
User security and access control
Identity management
Content management system security
Chapter 10: Web Services and Portlets
Remoting in portal servers
Web Service for Remote Portlets
WSRP Use Profiles
WSRP in JBoss portal
Enabling remoting in portlets
Configuring WSRP producer
Configuring WSRP consumer
Instantiation of a remote portlet
Chapter 11: Portlet Coordination and Filters
Going from JSR-168 to JSR-286
Portlet coordination and inter-portlet communication
Portlet coordination in JBoss portal
Portlet filters

What You Will Learn

  • Covers the latest JBoss Portal Server 2.7.0 with support for JSR-286 Portlet 2.0 specification.
  • Learn in detail about JBoss Portal and its components
  • Configure the JBoss Portal Server software best suited for your environment
  • Build portlets using common technologies such as Servlets, JSPs, and JSF to add functionality to your site
  • Personalize and internationalize the portal so that the user identifies with it
  • Create rich and dynamic portlets using AJAX for better user experience
  • Add popular third-party components such as Google gadgets and Yahoo widgets to enhance the portal features
  • Use databases in portlets to build custom user applications that persist data
  • Learn how to configure single sign-on and fine-grained security in a portal
  • Learn to use the content management system and empower users to actively manage their own content on the portal
  • Establish inter-portlet communication and harvest the power of existing assets

In Detail

Enterprises need more than just basic services; they need value-creating entities, which are crucial for running a successful business. Portals offer tremendous value to enterprises, and JBoss Portal Server is a popular, feature-rich open-source server that provides a standards-compliant platform to host functionality that serves the diverse portal needs of an enterprise. Its primary strength lies in its ability to provide robust support for custom implementation of functionality using the JSR-168 portlet API.

This book is a practical guide for installing, configuring and building feature-rich portal applications using the latest JBoss Portal Server 2.7.0. It explains, with examples, how portals can be easily developed, personalized, secured and integrated with other external enterprise assets..

The book will equip you with everything you need to know about JBoss Portal Server to build a fully functional portal. Using it, you can quickly come up to speed with the features offered by the portal server and can start using it almost immediately to develop enterprise portal solutions such as corporate intranets, B2B, or B2C sites. The book will help you to quickly understand and build enterprise portals with rich features such as personalization, AJAX, single sign-on, Google widget integration, remote portlet integration, content management and more. Along with feature implementation, the book also provides enough details for developers to tune and customize the portal environment to best suit the platform needs.


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