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Pro Tools HD: Advanced Techniques and Workflows

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  • Choose and optimize a ProTools HD system
  • Implement and configure MIDI devices to improve your workflow
  • Learn editing techniques for drums and vocals to enhance and be more creative with recorded performances
  • Understand workflow and routing concepts to take full advantage of ProTools mixing capabilities
  • Experience import options as well as other ways to improve workflow across different sessions
  • Map plugins with a midi controller
  • Use external analogue hardware

Pro Tools HD is a digital audio workstation platform for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It is the leading audio software when it comes to professional audio work. Working effectively with audio and producing professional music with Pro Tools HD is not an easy task.

Beginning with what the software is about, we will take you all the way through to the steps required to efficiently record your audio. You will discover how to improve the workflow of Pro Tools software and receive innovative tips to enable flawless editing in music production, film scoring, film, and television post-production.

Packed with concise and clear instructions on using Pro Tools HD: Advanced Techniques and Workflows, this book starts with different possible hardware and software combinations to help you understand the strengths and limitations of each, before taking you through powerful editing and advanced mixing techniques.

When it comes to choosing a ProTools HD system there are different technologies available and therefore, many ways to use the system optimally so, you will learn about some digital audio concepts for better software optimisation. You will then learn editing using Beat detective, as well as covering excellent workflow and routing concepts to take full advantage of ProTools mixing capabilities, integrating both hardware analogue units with your favorite plugins. Finally, you will see how you can export your project safer, faster and better.

This guide shows you the framework to enable you to take your usage of ProTools to the next level by explaining and discussing new and advanced features to achieve industry standard techniques.

  • Create optimum quality audio using powerful tools of Pro Tools HD
  • Learn how to enhance workflow and creative outputs for recording, editing in music production, film scoring and television post production
  • Step-by-step tutorial packed with illustrations and examples to create professional audio using ProTools HD
Page Count 128
Course Length 3 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781849698160
Date Of Publication 24 Oct 2013


Edouard Camou

Edouard Camou is a French sound engineer and the founder of the Sinewavz sound services in London. He has many years' experience in the studio and the live music industry, supported by a Recording Arts degree (with a first class) and an Avid Pro Tools certification. He studied and worked at SAE for a while and then redesigned and upgraded Musicland Studios in London, which now has two live rooms and a bigger control room to focus on band recording, album mixing and mastering. Edouard has been involved on many different projects for artists, labels, post-production companies, video games, acoustics, and live venues. He also mastered a single that became a 2012 favorite on national UK radio.