Manga Studio Ex 5 Cookbook

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  • Create story files and custom pages for any Web or publishing project
  • Customize brushes for special ink effects, hatching and cross-hatching, and much more
  • Work with vector images in Manga Studio EX 5
  • Use the new Symmetry ruler and the new Line tools to create your illustrations faster and more efficiently
  • Make and save custom screentones, and add them to your comic pages
  • Punch up your illustrations with color palettes and special effects
  • Add 3D models to create or accentuate your comic scenes
  • Finish a project by exporting it for the Web or for a printed collection

Manga Studio is a software application for the digital creation of comics and manga. Manga Studio EX 5 has all the features of Manga Studio 5, professional story creation tools, and other special features that make it the ultimate illustration tool for serious comic, manga, and graphic artists. Made specifically for comic artists and illustrators, it has some of the most powerful digital art creation tools available. From digital perspective rulers to a library of screentones, Manga Studio 5 works for the artist with an intuitive, customizable interface and tools. With Manga Studio EX 5, you can create custom page templates, save commonly used designs, make custom brushes, mimic traditional media, pose 3D objects directly on the art canvas, and export all of your comic pages for print or the Web.

The book starts with everything you need to know to set up custom pages for your comic or Manga project. These recipes will take you all the way through to exporting your illustrations for print or to display them on the Web. You will learn how to create custom brushes that you will use for inking, or for repetitive tasks such as drawing foliage or rubble. Next, you will move on to understanding Layer Modes and Layer Masks. Then, you'll learn how to finish up your illustrations with color, screentones, special effects, and 3D objects. Finally, you will be taught to export your hard work and share it with the world, either through the Web or in print.

This cookbook will give you just the right recipes to turn on the power of Manga Studio EX 5 and get you creating more illustrations faster and more efficiently.

  • Design creative and custom digital comics with the perfection equivalent of pen-and-paper drawings
  • Explore the latest features from Manga Studio EX 5 such as custom brush effects, layers, masks, 3D objects, panels, and multiple-page story layout
  • A pragmatic manual with engaging recipes and attractive screenshots that make comic creation fun and easy
Page Count 300
Course Length 9 hours 0 minutes
ISBN 9781785881077
Date Of Publication 27 Sep 2015


Elizabeth Staley

Liz Staley is a writer and digital artist with nearly ten years experience creating independent comics. Learn Clip Studio Paint is her third book with Packt Publishing. She has also written Mastering Manga Studio 5 and The Manga Studio EX5 Cookbook. Teaching other artists about the benefits of Clip Studio Paint is one of her true passions.

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Liz currently lives in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania with her husband and her horse.