Unreal Development Kit Game Design Cookbook

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  • Insights on essential editor functionality
  • Handling of custom assets
  • Assigning properties to level content
  • Determining the best approach to lighting
  • Setting up custom character assets
  • Implementing classes that handle your character's behavior
  • Required steps to configure UDK to work well for your game
  • The functionality of Kismet to drive events and actions
  • Ways to use Cascade to create impressive visual effects
  • The essentials of UI design with Scaleform and Flash
  • Handling of material editor networks
  • Ways to introduce animation into your level design



UDK is a free, world class game editing tool and being so powerful it can be daunting to learn. This guide offers an excellent set of targeted recipes to help game artists get up to speed with game designing in UDK.

Unreal Development Kit Game Design Cookbook contains everything you need to jumpstart your game design efforts. The lessons are aimed squarely at the artist's field of production, with recipes on asset handling, creating content within the editor, animation and visual scripting to get the content working in gameplay.

Unreal Game Development Kit Game Design Cookbook exposes how real-time environments are built using UDK tools. Key features are examined – assets, animation, light, materials, game controls, user interface, special effects, and game interactivity - with the view of making UDK technically accessible so users can transcend technique and focus on their creative design process. The book has well prepared recipes for level designers and artists of all levels. It covers core design tools and processes in the editor, particularly setting up characters, UI approaches, configuration and scripting gameplay. It is a technical guide that allows game artists to go beyond just creating assets, and it includes creative, extensive demonstrations that extend on mere functionality.

  • An intermediate, fast-paced UDK guide for game artists
  • The quickest way to face the challenges of game design with UDK
  • All the necessary steps to get your artwork up and running in game
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible

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Page Count 544
Course Length 16 hours 19 minutes
ISBN 9781849691802
Date Of Publication 22 Feb 2012


Thomas Mooney

Thomas Mooney grew up in New Zealand. He now lives in a jungle with squashed frogs, mosquitoes, and regular thunderstorms and power cuts. He is a lecturer in design and also works as an artist. You can learn more about his work at www.tomofnz.com. Tom tends to work, play, teach, and sit around all day with computers, and also likes to do comics, films, maps, screenplays, novels, storyboards, and iPad doodles. His book Unreal Development Kit Game Design Cookbook, Packt Publishing was published earlier in 2012.