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Source SDK Game Development Essentials

Brett Bernier

Develop engaging and immersive mods with Source SDK.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849695923
Paperback294 pages

About This Book

  • Create maps and mods using the tools provided with Source SDK
  • Learn how to use Hammer to create your own game worlds
  • Create goal-driven A.I. sequences and scripts
  • Master Source SDK tools with ease with step by step tutorials

Who This Book Is For

If you’re a keen gamer who wants a bit more out of your favorite game and wants to create your own modifications (mods) and levels with the Source engine, this book is great for you. No programming and Source SDK experience is required.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Source SDK
Installing Steam
Getting your tools
The Source SDK tools overview
The Source SDK
Creating your own modification (mod)
Chapter 2: Grasping Hammer
Loading Hammer for the first time
The Hammer overview
Navigating in 3D
Navigating in 2D
Chapter 3: Shaping Your World
Creating your first room
A crash course on compiling
Basic brushwork techniques
The Vertex Tool
The Clipping Tool
The Carve function
Another window method
The Object Toolbar
Creating SkyBoxes
Chapter 4: Textures, Terrain, and Props
Using the Texture Application Tool
Applying decals
Applying overlays
Creating terrain with displacements
Creating props
Chapter 5: Importing Custom Content
Creating materials
Using VTFEdit
Importing other materials
Importing models
Importing sounds
Chapter 6: Lighting and Compiling
Using lights
Emphasizing lights
Modifying Lightmap Grid
Assigning Smoothing groups
Compiling concepts
Adding color correction
Chapter 7: Triggers and the Input/Output System
Creating your first trigger
Input/Output links
Cascading triggers
Automatic triggers
Modifying entity effects
Using different flags
Creating subroutines
Chapter 8: Trains and Camera Systems
Track trains
Point camera
Chapter 9: NPC Movement Basics
Using the Model Viewer
Making NPCs walk
Scripted sequences
Chapter 10: Advanced NPC Scripting
Using nodes
Scripting assaults
Creating squads
Chapter 11: Source Particle Editor
Accessing the tools menu
Using Particle Editor
Particles manifest
Particle children
Making fireworks

What You Will Learn

  • Sculpt the physical world with Hammer’s easy-to-use block and terrain tools
  • Make visually engaging environments with props and textures
  • Use lighting and color correction to create immersive atmospheres
  • Import your custom content into the game
  • Script special events using the powerful input/output system
  • Control the non-playable characters to bring life to your world
  • Manipulate the A.I. to choreograph assaults, battles, and squad movements
  • Create an infinite amount of particle effects with the particle editor

In Detail

The Source Authoring Tools are the pieces of software used to create custom content for games made with Valve’s Source engine. Creating mods and maps for your games without any programming knowledge can be time consuming. These tools allow you to create your own maps and levels without the need for any coding knowledge. All the tools that you need to start creating your own levels are built-in and ready to go!

This book will teach you how to use the Authoring Tools provided with Source games and will guide you in creating your first maps and mods (modifications) using Source. You will learn how to stay organized, map efficiently, and avoid the most common mapping mistakes.

This practical guide begins by setting you up with Source SDK and a 3D development environment. Through a series of guided tutorials, you will learn what it takes to create a professional, polished map or mod.

You will learn how to create varying types of worlds, from underground labs to flowing outdoor terrains. You will also learn how to bring life into your world with advanced texturing, lighting, and decorating techniques. Towards the end of the book, we will learn how to create goal-driven A.I. sequences and scripts to choreograph epic battles and take control of your enemies and allies.

The content has been developed using the illustrations from Half Life Episode 2


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