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Mobile Game Design Essentials

Dr. Claudio Scolastici, David Nolte

Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of mobile game design. This book is written by two highly experienced industry professionals to give real insights and valuable advice on creating games for this lucrative market.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849692984
Paperback358 pages

About This Book

  • Packed with the best practices in game development, and the methodologies and tricks to create fun, polished games
  • Detailed descriptions of software and methodologies to create graphics and audio for video games
  • References to the most popular programming and scripting languages and development kits

Who This Book Is For

This book is for game enthusiasts who want to try their hand at designing, developing, and publishing their own games. Be aware that this effort requires a wide variety of skills, including graphic and audio design, programming, and play testing, which is why we also describe how to assemble a team with the appropriate skills. On the other hand if you just want to prototype your game ideas to see how they “play out”, this book will meet your needs as well.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Operating Systems – Mobile and Otherwise
Operating systems
Mobile operating systems
Chapter 2: The Mobile Indie Team
A matter of size
Key roles in a successful team
What it takes
The roles in an indie mobile team
The game artist
The programmer
The game tester
Skills of a professional player
University of Gamestop
The game producer
The sound designer
Chapter 3: Graphics for Mobile
Pixels and vectors
The graphic file formats
Software to create game graphics
Resolution issues with mobile games
2D graphic assets
3D graphic assets
Designing a character for mobile
Colors for mobile
The user interface and HUD
Chapter 4: Audio for Mobile
Digital sound technology
Types of game sounds
The audio editing software
Designing audio for mobile games
Best practices for mobile games audio design
Chapter 5: Coding Games
Main features of programming languages
Game programming
Scripting languages
Structure of a game program
Chapter 6: Mobile Game Controls
Input technology
Touchscreen gestures
Input interfaces for mobile games
Built-in devices
Future technologies
Chapter 7: Interface Design for Mobile Games
The role of the user interface
Approaching user interface design
Designing the UI
Best practices in UI design
Chapter 8: Mobile Game Engines
What engines can do
What engines can't do
Game engines
Unity3D Tutorial – part 1
Chapter 9: Prototyping
Steps in the prototyping process
Prototyping styles
Types of prototyping
Why prototype?
What to avoid
Unity3D tutorial – part 2
Chapter 10: Balancing, Tuning, and Polishing Mobile Games
Difficulty settings
Unity 3D tutorial – part 3
Chapter 11: Mobile Game Design
The basic game design process
The dos and don'ts of game design
Designing mobile games
The mobile market
Mobile gamers
Business models
What makes games fun
Chapter 12: Pitching a Mobile Game
The pitch document
Game concept
Game mechanics
Lilypads pitch document
Character design
Game mechanics

What You Will Learn

  • Get to know who makes up a game development team and how to select the right people for yours
  • Discover the most popular graphics software applications as well as understand the guidelines to produce graphics efficiently
  • Explore the most popular audio software applications and how to produce sound effects and music for your games
  • Get well versed with the programming languages used in mobile game development
  • Learn what the most common input systems and controls used in mobile games are
  • Understand what the most popular game engines used in mobile game development are and which are appropriate to your game’s characteristics
  • Get acquainted with the game development process from concept to release
  • Learn how to publish and market your mobile game

In Detail

The videogame industry is not affected by the economic crisis as the market expands each year. In addition to that, the mobile market offers the opportunity to small teams with limited budgets to create successful games that can compete with the big companies. This is a guide to help you take a share of this huge market.

Mobile Game Design Essentials will teach you how to develop professional quality games for mobile platforms. You will learn how to take advantage of devices and their built-in technologies. Get to know the best software and programming languages to create videogames from scratch and detailed tutorials to get your hands dirty with the common practices of game development.

Mobile Game Design Essentials introduces you to smartphones, their operating systems, and development environments. It describes in detail the roles required by an indie team of mobile developers, the most popular software to create graphics and audio for games, the most used programming languages, and the best game engines. It also provides several tutorials detailing efficient game development and prototyping.

Starting with a description of the mobile platforms and the roles to cover when building up your own indie team, Mobile Game Design Essentials then provides a description of the techniques and software used to create graphics and audio for games and the coding languages and development environments used by programmers. It also aims to acquaint you with the best practices of mobile game design and development, by addressing the importance of the prototype-test-polish cycle and the analysis of the distinctive aspects of mobile game design. Finally, it concludes with a step-by-step guide to create the presentation document for your next mobile game.

Mobile Game Design Essentials covers everything you need to know to get started in the mobile game industry; from collecting your team, recommendations on development software, to marketing and publication.


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