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Mastering CryENGINE

Sascha Gundlach, Michelle K. Martin

Raise your CryENGINE capabilities even higher with this superb guide. It will take you into a world of advanced features and amazing possibilities, teaching best practices and Lua scripting for sophisticated gameplay along the way.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783550258
Paperback278 pages

About This Book

  • Explore the CryENGINE production methods used by industry professionals
  • Master the advanced features of CryENGINE, such as facial animation and the input system
  • A Comprehensive guide with interesting, practical examples and step-by-step instructions

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed for developers who already have a basic understanding of CryENGINE and who want to take their skills to the next level. Whether you are a hobbyist developer or you are working on a AAA project, Mastering CryENGINE will help you enhance your CryENGINE proficiency.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting Up the Perfect Pipeline
What is a production pipeline?
Importance of a strong pipeline
Version control for CryENGINE projects
Automated builds and build scripts
Automated performance tests
Build integration
Quality assurance processes
Understanding issue tracking in CryENGINE
Chapter 2: Using the CryENGINE Input System – Keyboard, Mouse, and Game Controller
The CryENGINE input system
Game actions
User profiles
The input event names reference
Chapter 3: Building Complex Flow Graph Logic
Who uses the flow graph system?
A more complex application of the flow graph
Revisiting the basics of flow graphs
Flow graph data format and storage
The entity nodes with dynamic targets
Let's take a shortcut
Embedding the flow graphs
Creating nodes in C++ and Lua
Chapter 4: Morphs and Bones – Creating a Facial Setup for Your Character
Creating a facial setup for a character
Facial animation
The Lip Sync feature
Chapter 5: Mastering Sandbox
Don't stop getting better
Getting faster with keyboard shortcuts
Customizing Sandbox
Working with cameras
Exploring Sandbox custom commands and macros
Looking at some lesser-known features
Chapter 6: Utilizing Lua Script in CryENGINE
Understanding the relevance of the Lua script in CryENGINE
Lua-based entities
Making an entity multiplayer-ready
Using the state machine
Using script binds
Using engine callbacks
Using the Lua debugger
Chapter 7: Animating Characters
The CryENGINE animation system
Introducing CryMannequin
Extending the state machine
Playing animations without CryMannequin
Chapter 8: Mastering the Smart Objects System
What are SmartObjects?
Where the Smart Objects system is used
Smart Objects categories
The concept of the SmartObject system
The SmartObjects editor
Creating a new SmartObject rule
Testing the SmartObject rule
Chapter 9: Eye Candy – Particles, Lens Flares, and More
Types of eye candy
Particle effects
Lens flares
Postprocessing effects and the flow graph
Postprocessing in TrackView
Performance considerations
Chapter 10: Shipping the Build
Getting your game ready to ship
Tackling legal issues
Preparing your build
Creating an installer

What You Will Learn

  • Build a solid and flexible CryENGINE production pipeline
  • Use the CryENGINE input system to react to mouse, keyboard, and game controllers and to filter the input when needed
  • Create a facial setup for your characters and lip synch to audio
  • Use Lua script to create new, powerful entities for your game
  • Use CryMannequin to set up and trigger animations
  • Add some eye candy to your game using the particle system, the lens flare editor, and CryENGINE's real-time post processing effects
  • Get your game ready to ship and make sure your build is ready to go out to the public

In Detail

CryENGINE is one of the most powerful real-time 3D engines available today; its rendering and real-time capabilities are unmatched. Mastering CryENGINE will take your CryENGINE skills to the next level, allowing you to unleash the full power of the engine. Whether you are working on a small mod or a large-scale production, the user-friendly steps and illustrations in this book will help you master the wide range of features of the CryENGINE toolkit.

The book begins with the setting up of a CryENGINE-ready production pipeline, further introducing you to the advanced features of CryENGINE. You will learn advanced techniques, best practices, and various methods utilized in production by CryENGINE veterans. You will also explore how to use the Lua scripting language to build more sophisticated gameplay elements.


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