Learning Construct 2

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  • Install Construct 2 and navigate around its interface and layout
  • Become involved in the developmental life cycle of a game
  • Use events to manipulate game objects in the layout
  • Understand the many types of game object behavior and use them to control game objects
  • Analyze game objects at runtime to check whether there are any bugs or errors
  • Apply the best set of practices when developing games in Construct 2
  • Build, package, and publish your game to the Web and on different devices

Construct 2 is one of the most accessible 2D game development tools available. With its easy-to-use editor, you can create brilliant, stunning, and impressive games even if you're just starting out. Construct 2 takes care of all the technical details and lets you focus on the exciting bit, designing your game.

Packed with practical and accessible examples, this guide will empower you to become a top game developer. With an introduction to the highly effective Construct 2 interface, you will learn immediately how to make great game design documents and build in random generation, as well as popular and vital game concepts.

Learning Construct 2 will arm you with all the knowledge, tips, and tricks to make you stand out in the world of game development, producing enjoyable games quickly.

  • Discover the important game objects, behaviours, and events within Construct 2 to get you started with game development
  • Create mesmerizing games quickly and efficiently, and become a top game developer
  • Use the robust features of Construct 2 to your advantage with these simple and practical tutorials
Page Count 234
Course Length 7 hours 1 minutes
ISBN 9781784397678
Date Of Publication 26 Dec 2014


Aryadi Subagio

Aryadi Subagio is the second among seven brothers. He has loved video games ever since he was little, and he wanted to make his own game in his teenage years. This led him to pursue a Diploma in Computer Programming after he graduated from high school, where he spent years learning about software development techniques. He learned about game development from online sites, because at that time, there was no book on game development in Indonesia.

After graduating, he immediately jumped into the world of game development. During this time, he made a few shooting games for the Flash Platform. After a year, he decided to gain more experience by working in a game studio; this is when he joined Esabra Studio. After working at Esabra Studio, he worked at Enthrean Guardian, a game studio based in Semarang. He has now quit working and is trying to set up his own studio.

Aryadi has a passion for sharing his knowledge. He has written a lot of blog posts about game development on Indonesian and English sites. He also shares his knowledge on his own personal blog at http://daggio21.blogspot.com/.

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