HLSL Development Cookbook

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  • Learn about different light sources in both forward and deferred implementations
  • Take your dynamic lighting to the next level with shadow map support
  • Discover a range of post processing effects like bloom and tone mapping
  • Implement 3D elements such as decals, rain, and more
  • Harness various screen space techniques that help augment the visual quality of your work

3D graphics are becoming increasingly more realistic and sophisticated as the power of modern hardware improves. The High Level Shader Language (HLSL) allows you to harness the power of shaders within DirectX 11, so that you can push the boundaries of 3D rendering like never before.

HLSL Development Cookbook will provide you with a series of essential recipes to help you make the most out of different rendering techniques used within games and simulations using the DirectX 11 API.

This book is specifically designed to help build your understanding via practical example. This essential Cookbook has coverage ranging from industry-standard lighting techniques to more specialist post-processing implementations such as bloom and tone mapping. Explained in a clear yet concise manner, each recipe is also accompanied by superb examples with full documentation so that you can harness the power of HLSL for your own individual requirements.

  • Discover powerful rendering techniques utilizing HLSL and DirectX 11
  • Augment the visual impact of your projects whilst taking full advantage of the latest GPUs
  • Experience the practical side of 3D rendering with a comprehensive set of excellent demonstrations
Page Count 224
Course Length 6 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781849694209
Date Of Publication 12 Jun 2013


Doron Feinstein

Doron Feinstein has been working as a graphics programmer over the past decade in various industries. Since he graduated his first degree in software engineering, he began his career working on various 3D simulation applications for military and medical use. Looking to fulfill his childhood dream, he moved to Scotland for his first job in the game industry at Realtime Worlds. Currently working at Rockstar Games as a Senior Graphics Programmer, he gets to work on the company’s latest titles for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.