Flash Multiplayer Virtual Worlds

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  • Create a whiteboard that every connected user can draw on
  • Create the map, basic map editor, and ground of the virtual world
  • Optimize graphic workload by selecting the appropriate method to render avatars
  • Move avatars using keyboard or mouse and synchronize their movementsCreate buildings and the environment for the virtual world
  • Create a basic item inventory system for an avatar and implement some basic item management with the server-side extensions
  • Create a basic chat system and a buddy list for your avatar
  • Control the Non-Player Characters to move around the world and interact with the players by chatting or trading items
  • Enhance your virtual worlds by integrating several key features of Facebook and Twitter



Flash virtual worlds are some of the most exciting—and profitable—online business being built today. Using Flash, developers can build interactive environments where users can interact with the virtual world and one another, compete, and have fun. Creating a playful environment on an electronic network presents unique challenges as you combine a fun, upbeat frontend with some serious and complex server logic.

This handy book assists you in building amazing virtual worlds in no time by implementing ActionScripts in a Flash IDE. With this book in hand, you will build virtual worlds that have avatars walking around and interacting with non playing characters, completing challenging quests, and allowing users to link with real-world friends.

The fun begins with first exploring existing virtual world games such as Club Penguin, Mole, Dofus, and World of Warcraft. We will then design our virtual environment. Then we will create avatars and move the avatars in the virtual world. We will add some triggers to add amusement and life to the virtual world. We will allow the avatars to interact with other players and create a buddy list for each user. Then we will integrate buildings and other environment to the virtual world. We will also let the players interact with non-player characters to complete some tasks. Finally, we move on to add interesting quests to the virtual world, which need to be accomplished by the player to gear up to the next level of the game.

This example-rich, hands-on guide sequentially develops a multiplayer virtual world—the platform, the environment, quests, avatars, non-playing characters, and interaction between them.

  • Build virtual worlds in Flash and enhance them with avatars, non player characters, quests, and by adding social network community
  • Design, present, and integrate the quests to the virtual worlds
  • Create a whiteboard that every connected user can draw on
  • A practical guide filled with real-world examples of building virtual worlds
Page Count 412
Course Length 12 hours 21 minutes
ISBN 9781849690362
Date Of Publication 15 Aug 2010



Makzan focuses on the fields of web development and game design. He has over 14 years of experience in building digital products. He has worked on real-time multiplayer interaction games, iOS applications, and rich interactive websites.

He has written three books, on building a Flash virtual world, and creating games with HTML5 and the latest web standards and developed a video course as well. He currently teaches courses in Hong Kong and Macao SAR. He writes tutorials and shares his know-how on makzan.net.