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  • Build advanced C knowledge on strong foundations, rooted in first principles
  • Understand memory structures and compilation pipeline and how they work, and how to make most out of them
  • Apply object-oriented design principles to your procedural C code
  • Write low-level code that’s close to the hardware and squeezes maximum performance out of a computer system
  • Master concurrency, multithreading, multi-processing, and integration with other languages
  • Unit Testing and debugging, build systems, and inter-process communication for C programming

There’s a lot more to C than knowing the language syntax. The industry looks for developers with a rigorous, scientific understanding of the principles and practices. Extreme C will teach you to use C’s advanced low-level power to write effective, efficient systems. This intensive, practical guide will help you become an expert C programmer.

Building on your existing C knowledge, you will master preprocessor directives, macros, conditional compilation, pointers, and much more. You will gain new insight into algorithm design, functions, and structures. You will discover how C helps you squeeze maximum performance out of critical, resource-constrained applications.

C still plays a critical role in 21st-century programming, remaining the core language for precision engineering, aviations, space research, and more. This book shows how C works with Unix, how to implement OO principles in C, and fully covers multi-processing.

In Extreme C, Amini encourages you to think, question, apply, and experiment for yourself. The book is essential for anybody who wants to take their C to the next level.

  • Make the most of C’s low-level control, flexibility, and high performance
  • A comprehensive guide to C’s most powerful and challenging features
  • A thought-provoking guide packed with hands-on exercises and examples
Page Count 822
Course Length 24 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781789343625
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2019


Kamran Amini

Kamran Amini is an expert software architect with more than 10 years of experience in the analysis, design, development, and building large-scale, distributed enterprise software systems. His skills are not limited to a specific development platform and Kamran’s architectural solutions include a variety of technologies, patterns, and concepts based on C and C++, Java, Python, etc. As an enterprise architect, he’s always faced strict and risky conditions in which security, performance, data consistency and correctness, fault tolerance and high availability, authentication and authorization have always been important factors. His passion towards C and C++ has started since his teenage as a lead for his high school’s soccer simulation team and he’s just put it to be his main axis in the career. In recent years, he has just attended to study astrophysics degree because of his interest in astronomy and the wonder of night sky since his childhood and he has plans to be a data scientist and machine learning expert with focus on astrophysical data. Recently, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been the target of his research and interest and because of his deep knowledge about classic cryptography and PKI, working on the expansion of the future possible usages and alternative blockchains are among his interests.