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  1. 330 pages
    Snowflake Cookbook
    February 2021
    Develop modern solutions with Snowflake's unique architecture and integration capabilities; process bulk and real-time data into a data lake; and leverage time travel, cloning, and data-sharing features to optimize data operations
  2. 824 pages
    Modern Computer Vision with PyTorch
    November 2020
    Get to grips with deep learning techniques for building image processing applications using PyTorch with the help of code notebooks and test questions
  3. 392 pages
    Essential Statistics for Non-STEM Data Analysts
    November 2020
    Reinforce your understanding of data science and data analysis from a statistical perspective to extract meaningful insights from your data using Python programming
  4. 3 hours 51 minutes
    Projects in Data Science [Video]
    September 2020
    Get to grips with data science and apply your skills to solve real-world data problems
  5. 824 pages
    The Data Science Workshop - Second Edition
    August 2020
    Gain expert guidance on how to successfully develop machine learning models in Python and build your own unique data platforms
  6. 7 hours 6 minutes
    Django with Data Science [Video]
    August 2020
    Learn how to integrate Django with pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Seaborn
  7. 626 pages
    The Data Analysis Workshop
    July 2020
    Learn how to analyze data using Python models with the help of real-world use cases and guidance from industry experts
  8. 352 pages
    The Applied Data Science Workshop - Second Edition
    July 2020
    Designed with beginners in mind, this workshop helps you make the most of Python libraries and the Jupyter Notebook’s functionality to understand how data science can be applied to solve real-world data problems.
  9. 5 hours 17 minutes
    Mastering Keras [Video]
    February 2020
    Explore powerful deep learning techniques using Keras
  10. 818 pages
    The Data Science Workshop
    January 2020
    Cut through the noise and get real results with a step-by-step approach to data science
  11. 160 pages
    JupyterLab Quick Start Guide
    December 2019

    Get to grips with the basics of JupyterLab and its web interface with the help of this quick start guide

  12. 312 pages
    Hands-On Generative Adversarial Networks with PyTorch 1.x
    December 2019
    Apply deep learning techniques and neural network methodologies to build, train, and optimize generative network models
  13. 290 pages
    Managing Data Science
    November 2019
    Understand the concepts and methodologies to manage and deliver top-notch Data Science solutions for your organization.
  14. 11 hours 57 minutes
    Mathematics for Data Science and Machine Learning using R [Video]
    September 2019
    Learn the basic math for Data Science, AI, and ML using R
  15. 0 hours 56 minutes
    Linear Algebra for Data Science in Python [Video]
    July 2019
    Know all about Linear Algebra for Data Science in Python

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