AWS SysOps Cookbook - Second Edition

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  • Secure your account by creating IAM users and avoiding the use of the root login
  • Simplify the creation of a multi-account landing zone using AWS Control Tower
  • Master Amazon S3 for unlimited, cost-efficient storage of data
  • Explore a variety of compute resources on the AWS Cloud, such as EC2 and AWS Lambda
  • Configure secure networks using Amazon VPC, access control lists, and security groups
  • Estimate your monthly bill by using cost estimation tools
  • Learn to host a website with Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, and S3

AWS is an on-demand remote computing service providing cloud infrastructure over the internet with storage, bandwidth, and customized support for APIs. This updated second edition will help you implement these services and efficiently administer your AWS environment.

You will start with the AWS fundamentals and then understand how to manage multiple accounts before setting up consolidated billing. The book will assist you in setting up reliable and fast hosting for static websites, sharing data between running instances and backing up data for compliance. By understanding how to use compute service, you will also discover how to achieve quick and consistent instance provisioning. You’ll then learn to provision storage volumes and autoscale an app server. Next, you’ll explore serverless development with AWS Lambda, and gain insights into using networking and database services such as Amazon Neptune. The later chapters will focus on management tools like AWS CloudFormation, and how to secure your cloud resources and estimate costs for your infrastructure. Finally, you’ll use the AWS well-architected framework to conduct a technology baseline review self-assessment and identify critical areas for improvement in the management and operation of your cloud-based workloads.

By the end of this book, you’ll have the skills to effectively administer your AWS environment.

  • Explore AWS Cloud functionalities through a recipe-based approach
  • Get to grips with a variety of techniques for automating your infrastructure
  • Discover industry-proven best practices for architecting reliable and efficient workloads
Page Count 490
Course Length 14 hours 42 minutes
ISBN 9781838550189
Date Of Publication 27 Sep 2019


Eric Z. Beard

Eric Z. Beard, a former United States Marine, has nearly two decades of experience in technology, leading diverse DevOps and solutions architecture teams. Eric is currently a manager at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, Washington, and holds nine AWS certifications.

Rowan Udell

Rowan Udell has been working in development and operations for 15 years. His travels have seen him work in start-ups and enterprises in the finance, education, and web industries in both Australia and Canada. He currently works as a Technical Director at Versent, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, working with teams building cloud-native products on AWS. He specializes in serverless applications and architectures on AWS, and contributes actively in the AWS and serverless communities.

Lucas Chan

Lucas Chan has been working in tech since 1995 in a variety of development, systems admin, and DevOps roles. He is currently a senior consultant and engineer at Versent and was a technical director at Stax. He's been running production workloads on AWS for over 10 years. He's also a member of the APAC AWS warriors program and holds all five of the available AWS certifications.