Talend Open Studio Cookbook

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  • Manipulate schemas quickly and easily
  • Validate your data and create test data
  • Use Java code within Talend
  • Debug your Talend code
  • Use tMap effectively
  • Create and manage files including complex file formats
  • Access queues, web services, and XML within Talend
  • Deploy, as well as schedule your Talend code

Data integration is a key component of an organization’s technical strategy, yet historically the tools have been very expensive. Talend Open Studio is the world’s leading open source data integration product and has played a huge part in making open source data integration a popular choice for businesses worldwide.

This book is a welcome addition to the small but growing library of Talend Open Studio resources. From working with schemas to creating and validating test data, to scheduling your Talend code, you will get acquainted with the various Talend database handling techniques. Each recipe is designed to provide the key learning point in a short, simple and effective manner.

This comprehensive guide provides practical exercises that cover all areas of the Talend development lifecycle including development, testing, debugging and deployment. The book delivers design patterns, hints, tips, and advice in a series of short and focused exercises that can be approached as a reference for more seasoned developers or as a series of useful learning tutorials for the beginner.

The book covers the basics in terms of schema usage and mappings, along with dedicated sections that will allow you to get more from tMap, files, databases and XML.

Geared towards the whole lifecycle, the Talend Open Studio Cookbook shows readers great ways to handle everyday tasks, and provides an insight into all areas of a development cycle including coding, testing, and debugging of code to provide start-to-finish coverage of the product.

  • A collection of exercises covering all development aspects including schemas, mapping using tMap, database and working with files
  • Get your code ready for the production environment by including the use of contexts and scheduling of jobs in Talend
  • Includes exercises for debugging and testing of code
  • Many additional hints and tips regarding the exercises and their real-life applications
Page Count 270
Course Length 8 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781782167266
Date Of Publication 24 Oct 2013


Rick Barton

Rick Barton is a freelance consultant who has specialized in data integration and ETL for the last 13 years as part of an IT career spanning over 25 years. After gaining a degree in Computer Systems from Cardiff University, he began his career as a firmware programmer before moving into Mainframe data processing and then into ETL tools in 1999. He has provided technical consultancy to some of the UK’s largest companies, including banks and telecommunications companies, and was a founding partner of a “Big Data” integration consultancy. Four years ago he moved back into freelance development and has been working almost exclusively with Talend Open Studio and Talend Integration Suite, on multiple projects, of various sizes, in UK. It is on these projects that he has learned many of the lessons that can be found in this, his first book.