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Scaling Apache Solr

Hrishikesh Vijay Karambelkar

Optimize your searches using high-performance enterprise search repositories with Apache Solr
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783981748
Paperback298 pages

About This Book

  • Get an introduction to the basics of Apache Solr in a step-by-step manner with lots of examples
  • Develop and understand the workings of enterprise search solution using various techniques and real-life use cases
  • Gain a practical insight into the advanced ways of optimizing and making an enterprise search solution cloud ready

Who This Book Is For

If you are a developer, designer, or architect who would like to build enterprise search solutions for your customers or organization, but have no prior knowledge of Apache Solr/Lucene technologies, this is the book for you.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding Apache Solr
Challenges in enterprise search
Apache Solr – an overview
Features of Apache Solr
Apache Solr architecture
Practical use cases for Apache Solr
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Apache Solr
Setting up Apache Solr
Understanding the Solr structure
Configuring the Apache Solr for enterprise
Understanding SolrJ
Chapter 3: Analyzing Data with Apache Solr
Understanding enterprise data
Loading data using native handlers
Working with rich documents
Importing structured data from the database
Advanced topics with Solr
Chapter 4: Designing Enterprise Search
Designing aspects for enterprise search
Enterprise search data-processing patterns
Data integrating pattern for search
Case study – designing an enterprise knowledge repository search for software IT services
Chapter 5: Integrating Apache Solr
Empowering the Java Enterprise application with Solr search
Integration with client technologies
Case study – Apache Solr and Drupal
Chapter 6: Distributed Search Using Apache Solr
Need for distributed search
Understanding SolrCloud
Building enterprise distributed search using SolrCloud
Common problems and resolutions
Case study – distributed enterprise search server for the software industry
Chapter 7: Scaling Solr through Sharding, Fault Tolerance, and Integration
Enabling search result clustering with Carrot2
Sharding and fault tolerance
Searching Solr documents in near real time
Solr with MongoDB
Scaling Solr through Storm
Chapter 8: Scaling Solr through High Performance
Monitoring performance of Apache Solr
Tuning Solr JVM and container
Optimizing Solr schema and indexing
Speeding Solr through Solr caching
Improving runtime search for Solr
Optimizing SolrCloud
Chapter 9: Solr and Cloud Computing
Enterprise search on Cloud
Solr on Cloud strategies
Running Solr on Cloud (IaaS and PaaS)
Running Solr on Cloud (SaaS) and enterprise search as a service
Chapter 10: Scaling Solr Capabilities with Big Data
Apache Solr and HDFS
Big Data search on Katta
Using the Solr 1045 patch – map-side indexing
Using the Solr 1301 patch – reduce-side indexing
Apache Solr and Cassandra
Advanced analytics with Solr

What You Will Learn

  • „Gain a complete understanding of Apache Solr and its ecosystem
  • Develop scalable, high-performance search applications using Apache Solr
  • Customize Apache-Solr-based search for different requirements
  • Discover different techniques to build high-speed enterprise searches
  • Design enterprise-ready search engines and implement a scalable enterprise search functionality
  • Integrate an Apache-Solr-based search with different subsystems and legacy systems
  • Scale Apache Solr through sharding, replication, and fault tolerance
  • Learn about performance tuning for your Solr-based application while scaling your data
  • Make your enterprise search cloud-ready to be able to work with multiple clients

In Detail

This book is for individuals who want to build high-performance, scalable, enterprise-ready search engines for their customers/organizations. The book starts with the basics of Apache Solr, covering different ways to analyze enterprise information and design enterprise-ready search engines using Solr. It also discusses scaling Solr-based enterprise search for the next level.

Each chapter takes you through more advanced levels of Apache Solr with real-world practical details such as configuring instances, installing and setting up instances, and more. This book contains detailed explanations of the basic and advanced features of Apache Solr.

By sequentially working through the steps in each chapter and with the help of real-life industry examples, you will quickly master the features of Apache Solr to build search solutions for enterprises.


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