R Graphs Cookbook

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  • Construct multiple graph matrix layouts
  • Summarize multivariate datasets with a single graph
  • Create custom graph functions to avoid code repetition
  • Make and re-use visual themes for graphs
  • Save and export graphs in various formats to print or publish
  • Learn to use fonts and annotations in graphs on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Combine different graph types to give a better visual summary of complex datasets
  • Present geographical data on maps
  • Use heatmaps to spot trends and anomalies in large datasets
  • Add scientific annotations and formulae to label graphs
  • Add text descriptions to create graph presentation handouts
  • Create beautiful color palettes and apply them to graphs

With more than two million users worldwide, R is one of the most popular open source projects. It is a free and robust statistical programming environment with very powerful graphical capabilities. Analyzing and visualizing data with R is a necessary skill for anyone doing any kind of statistical analysis, and this book will help you do just that in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Unlike other books on R, this book takes a practical, hands-on approach and you dive straight into creating graphs in R right from the very first page.

You want to harness the power of this open source programming language to visually present and analyze your data in the best way possible – and this book will show you how.

The R Graph Cookbook takes a practical approach to teaching how to create effective and useful graphs using R. This practical guide begins by teaching you how to make basic graphs in R and progresses through subsequent dedicated chapters about each graph type in depth. It will demystify a lot of difficult and confusing R functions and parameters and enable you to construct and modify data graphics to suit your analysis, presentation, and publication needs.

You will learn all about making graphics such as scatter plots, line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, dot plots, heat maps, histograms and box plots. In addition, there are detailed recipes on making various combinations and advanced versions of these graphs. Dedicated chapters on polishing and finalizing graphs will enable you to produce professional-quality graphs for presentation and publication. With R Graph Cookbook in hand, making graphs in R has never been easier.

  • Learn to draw any type of graph or visual data representation in R
  • Filled with practical tips and techniques for creating any type of graph you need; not just theoretical explanations
  • All examples are accompanied with the corresponding graph images, so you know what the results look like
  • Each recipe is independent and contains the complete explanation and code to perform the task as efficiently as possible
Page Count 272
Course Length 8 hours 9 minutes
ISBN 9781849513067
Date Of Publication 14 Jan 2011


Hrishi V. Mittal

Hrishi V. Mittal has been working with R for a few years in different capacities. He was introduced to the exciting world of data analysis with R when he was working as a senior air quality scientist at King's College, London, where he used R extensively to analyze large amounts of air pollution and traffic data for London's Mayor's Air Quality Strategy. He has experience in various other programming languages but prefers R for data analysis and visualization. He is also actively involved in various R mailing lists, forums, and the development of some R packages.