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  • Write more complex queries with advanced SQL queries
  • Design a database that works with the application exactly the way you want
  • Make the database work in extreme conditions by tuning, optimizing, partitioning, and indexing
  • Develop applications in other programming languages such as Java and PHP
  • Use extensions to get extra benefits in terms of functionality and performance
  • Build an application that does not get locked by data manipulation
  • Explore in-built db functions and data type conversions

PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source database in the world. It is easy to install, configure, and maintain by following the documentation; however, it’s difficult to develop applications using programming languages and design databases accordingly. This book is what you need to get the most out of PostgreSQL

You will begin with advanced SQL topics such as views, materialized views, and cursors, and learn about performing data type conversions. You will then perform trigger operations and use trigger functions in PostgreSQL. Next we walk through data modeling, normalization concepts, and the effect of transactions and locking on the database.

The next half of the book covers the types of indexes, constrains, and the concepts of table partitioning, as well as the different mechanisms and approaches available to write efficient queries or code. Later, we explore PostgreSQL Extensions and Large Object Support in PostgreSQL. Finally, you will perform database operations in PostgreSQL using PHP and Java. By the end of this book, you will have mastered all the aspects of PostgreSQL development. You will be able to build efficient enterprise-grade applications with PostgreSQL by making use of these concepts

  • Write complex SQL queries and design a robust database design that fits your application's need
  • Improve database performance by indexing, partitioning tables, and query optimizing
  • A comprehensive guide covering the advanced PostgreSQL concepts without any hassle
Page Count 210
Course Length 6 hours 18 minutes
ISBN 9781783989003
Date Of Publication 25 Sep 2016


Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur currently works as a business intelligence solution developer at an IT-based MNC in Chandigarh. She has over 7 years of work experience in the field of developing successful analytical solutions in data warehousing, analytics and reporting, and portal and dashboard development in the PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. She has worked on business intelligence tools such as Noetix, SSRS, Tableau, and OBIEE. She has a good understanding of ETL tools such as Informatica and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). Currently, she works on analytical solutions using Hadoop and OBIEE 12c.

Additionally, she is very creative and enjoys oil painting. She also has a youtube channel, Oh so homemade, where she posts easy ways to make recycled crafts.

Baji Shaik

Baji Shaik is a database administrator and developer. He is currently working as a database consultant at OpenSCG. He has an engineering degree in telecommunications, and he started his career as a C# and Java developer. He started working with databases in 2011 and, over the years, he has worked with Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Greenplum. His background spans a wide depth and breadth of expertise and experience in SQL/NoSQL database technologies. He has architectured and designed many successful database solutions addressing challenging business requirements. He has provided solutions using PostgreSQL for reporting, business intelligence, data warehousing, applications, and development support. He has a good knowledge of automation, orchestration, and DevOps in a cloud environment.

He comes from a small village named Vutukutu in Andhra Pradesh and currently lives in Hyderabad. He likes to watch movies, read books, and write technical blogs. He loves to spend time with family. He has tech-reviewed Troubleshooting PostgreSQL by Packt Publishing. He is a certified PostgreSQL professional.