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Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide

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  • Understand all the options available for the backup and recovery of a database to be used in case of a disaster and how to survive it
  • Learn how to use RMAN and take advantage of its advanced functionalities
  • Use Data Pump for more than just backups, learning how powerful this utility is
  • Take advantage of Nologging operations in a safe and proper way
  • Perform backups and recovery properly in Multitenant and non-CDB environments
  • Take advantage of OEM12c and SQL Developer to fulfil your backup requirements and reduce risk in your organization
  • Understand the new features in 12c offered for backup and recovery and how to perform backup and recovery operations on it
  • Get familiar with the available range of Oracle products for backup and recovery, not only RMAN

The three main responsibilities of a successful DBA are to ensure the availability, recoverability, and performance of any database. To ensure the recoverability of any database, a DBA needs to have a strong backup and recovery skills set. Every DBA is always looking for a reference book that will help them to solve any possible backup and recovery situation that they can come across in their professional life.

Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide has the unique advantage to be a reference to all Oracle backup and recovery options available, making it essential for any DBA in the world. If you are new to Oracle Database, this book will introduce you to the fantastic world of backup and recovery that is vital to your success. If you are an experienced DBA, this book will become a reference guide and will also help you to learn some possible new skills, or give you some new ideas you were never aware about. It will also help you to easily find the solution to some of the most well known problems you could find during your career as a DBA. This book contains useful screenshots, scripts, and examples that you will find more than useful.

Most of the books currently available in the market concentrate only on the RMAN utility to backup and recovery. This book will be an exception to the rule and will become a must-have reference, allowing you to design a real and complete backup and recovery strategy. It covers the most important topics on Oracle database such as backup strategies, Nologging operations, new features in 12c, user managed backups and recoveries, RMAN (including reporting, catalog management, troubleshooting, and performance tuning), advanced data pump, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and SQL Developer.

"Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide" contains everything a DBA needs to know to keep data safe and recoverable, using real-life scenarios.

  • A practical reference to all Oracle backup and recovery options available, making it essential to any DBA in the world
  • A valuable guide for readers on the most frequent backup and recovery scenarios they can find in real life
  • Provides hands-on examples and a full hands-on lab to practise everything learned in this book
Page Count 440
Course Length 13 hours 12 minutes
Date Of Publication 23 Sep 2013


Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma is an Oracle Database consultant and instructor. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Applications and has been working with Oracle Database for over a decade. His main focus is to understand how Oracle Database works internally. Besides the core database, he has a very strong knowledge of Linux, Solaris, Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, Oracle Exadata and Oracle Enterprise Manager. He is an Oracle Certified Professional and also an Oracle Certified Expert in Oracle RAC, SQL and Linux. He is also an Oracle Certified Implementation Specialist and a certified Solaris System Administrator. He loves to share his learning with the Oracle community, so when he is not delivering an Oracle= related session, he spends a lot of his time participating in OTN (Oracle Technology Network) discussion forums. He also maintains an Oracle blog (http://blog.aristadba.com), is also on Twitter (@amansharma81), you can reach to him using either ways. He is a strong supporter of user groups and is a member of India Oracle Users Group (http://www.aioug.org) and has been a speaker at various Oracle conferences organized by AIOUG. He is also an associate member of IOUG (http://www.ioug.org). In 2010, he was awarded the prestigious Oracle ACE award from Oracle Corporation.

Francisco Munoz Alvarez

Francisco Munoz Alvarez has over two decades of experience in consulting, analysis, support, implementation, and migration of Oracle products. He is also an expert in most phases of a database life cycle, for example, development, stabilization, security, backup and recovery, tuning, installations, and data warehouse (ETL) with excellent implementation and support methodologies. He is a popular speaker at many Oracle conferences around the world. He is also the President of CLOUG (Chilean Oracle Users Group), LAOUC (Latin American Oracle Users Group Community, which is the umbrella organization for all of Latin America), and NZOUG (New Zealand Oracle Users Group). He worked as an Associate Technologist for Oracle in Brazil and Chile. He was an Oracle instructor for the New Horizons Centre (Chile) and for Oracle Education (Brazil and Chile). He also worked in the first team to introduce Oracle to South America (Oracle 6 and the beta version of Oracle 7). He was also the first Master Oracle 7 Database Administrator in South America, as well as the first Latin American Oracle professional to be awarded a double ACE (ACE in 2008 and ACE Director in 2009) by Oracle HQ. In 2010, he had the privilege to receive a prestigious Oracle Magazine Editor's Choice Award as the Oracle Evangelist of the Year—a huge recognition for his outstanding achievements in the Oracle world that includes the creation and organization of the already famous OTN Tours that are the biggest Oracle evangelist events in the world. Currently, Francisco works for Revera Limited, which is a leading provider of utility computing infrastructure and enterprise data management in New Zealand, as the Oracle Professional Services Manager since June 2011. He also maintains an Oracle blog (http://www.oraclenz.org) and you can always contact him through this or Twitter (@fcomunoz) regarding any questions about this book.