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Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide

Francisco Munoz Alvarez, Aman Sharma

A comprehensive guide for every DBA to learn recovery and backup solutions
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Book Details

ISBN 139781782171201
Paperback440 pages

About This Book

  • A practical reference to all Oracle backup and recovery options available, making it essential to any DBA in the world
  • A valuable guide for readers on the most frequent backup and recovery scenarios they can find in real life
  • Provides hands-on examples and a full hands-on lab to practise everything learned in this book

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed for Oracle DBAs and system administrators. The reader will have a basic working experience of administering Oracle databases. This book is designed for Oracle DBAs and system administrators.This book will become a reference guide and will also help you to learn some new skills, and give you some new ideas you never knew about, helping you to easily find the solution to some of the most well-known problems you could encounter as DBAs.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding the Basics of Backup and Recovery
Purpose of backup and recovery
Protecting data
Types of backup
Backup strategies
Restore versus recovery
What is redo?
Redo generation and recoverability
Chapter 2: NOLOGGING Operations
Disabling redo generation (NOLOGGING)
Reducing redo generation
Backups and NOLOGGING
Redo-related wait events
Block corruption due to NOLOGGING
Repairing NOLOGGING changes on physical and logical standby databases
Finding sessions that generate lots of redo
Some other important facts
Some useful scripts
Chapter 3: What is New in 12c
Pluggable database
RMAN new features and enhancements
Data Pump's new features and enhancements
Chapter 4: User-managed Backup and Recovery
Cold backup
Offline backup
Hot backups
Control file backup
Flashback database
Recovering from a user-managed backup
Chapter 5: Understanding RMAN and Simple Backups
Getting started with RMAN
RMAN architecture
Introducing RMAN backup formats
Using RMAN for performing incremental backups
Fast incremental backups using the block change tracking (BCT) file
Multi-section incremental backups
Incrementally updated backups
Performing backups of the control file, the SPFILE, and archived redo logs
Using RMAN compression for backups
RMAN for multitenant container databases
Chapter 6: Configuring and Recovering with RMAN
RMAN configuration – an introduction
Configuring the backup retention policy
Using backup optimization
Configuring the device types for the backup
Configuring auto backup for the control file and SPFILE
Configuring RMAN channels
Creating duplexed backups
Configuring encrypted backups
Configuring compression for backups
Configuring the snapshot control file
Configuring the archived log deletion policy
Configuring the FRA
Configuring authentication for RMAN
Crash and media recovery
Key terms related to recovery
Chapter 7: RMAN Reporting and Catalog Management
Using the control file for RMAN metadata
What is a recovery catalog
Reporting in RMAN
Chapter 8: RMAN Troubleshooting and Tuning
Getting started with RMAN troubleshooting
RMAN tuning – an introduction
Monitoring RMAN sessions and operations
Stopping RMAN from being uncontrollable
Using incremental, multi-section, multiplexing, and parallelism
Troubleshooting RMAN performance using tracing
Chapter 9: Understanding Data Pump
What is Data Pump?
The Data Pump architecture
New concepts with Data Pump
Methods to move the data
Data Pump files
Data Pump scenarios
Chapter 10: Advanced Data Pump
Data masking
Metadata repository and version control
Cloning a user
Creating smaller copies of production
Creating your database in a different file structure
Moving all objects from one tablespace to another
Moving an object to a different schema
Migrating data for upgrade
Downgrading an Oracle Database
Transporting a tablespace
Data Pump flashback
Monitoring Data Pump job status
Some performance tuning tips
Chapter 11: OEM12c and SQL Developer
Configuring backup, recovery, and catalog settings
Scheduling an RMAN backup
Restore points
Export/Import with OEM12c
Monitoring the job
SQL developer 3.2

What You Will Learn

  • Understand all the options available for the backup and recovery of a database to be used in case of a disaster and how to survive it
  • Learn how to use RMAN and take advantage of its advanced functionalities
  • Use Data Pump for more than just backups, learning how powerful this utility is
  • Take advantage of Nologging operations in a safe and proper way
  • Perform backups and recovery properly in Multitenant and non-CDB environments
  • Take advantage of OEM12c and SQL Developer to fulfil your backup requirements and reduce risk in your organization
  • Understand the new features in 12c offered for backup and recovery and how to perform backup and recovery operations on it
  • Get familiar with the available range of Oracle products for backup and recovery, not only RMAN

In Detail

The three main responsibilities of a successful DBA are to ensure the availability, recoverability, and performance of any database. To ensure the recoverability of any database, a DBA needs to have a strong backup and recovery skills set. Every DBA is always looking for a reference book that will help them to solve any possible backup and recovery situation that they can come across in their professional life.

Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide has the unique advantage to be a reference to all Oracle backup and recovery options available, making it essential for any DBA in the world. If you are new to Oracle Database, this book will introduce you to the fantastic world of backup and recovery that is vital to your success. If you are an experienced DBA, this book will become a reference guide and will also help you to learn some possible new skills, or give you some new ideas you were never aware about. It will also help you to easily find the solution to some of the most well known problems you could find during your career as a DBA. This book contains useful screenshots, scripts, and examples that you will find more than useful.

Most of the books currently available in the market concentrate only on the RMAN utility to backup and recovery. This book will be an exception to the rule and will become a must-have reference, allowing you to design a real and complete backup and recovery strategy. It covers the most important topics on Oracle database such as backup strategies, Nologging operations, new features in 12c, user managed backups and recoveries, RMAN (including reporting, catalog management, troubleshooting, and performance tuning), advanced data pump, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and SQL Developer.

"Oracle Database 12c Backup and Recovery Survival Guide" contains everything a DBA needs to know to keep data safe and recoverable, using real-life scenarios.


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