MySQL Admin Cookbook LITE: Replication and Indexing

Make your database quicker, more efficient, and better organized with replication and indexing

MySQL Admin Cookbook LITE: Replication and Indexing

Daniel Schneller, Udo Schwedt

Make your database quicker, more efficient, and better organized with replication and indexing
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849516143
Paperback104 pages

About This Book

  • Set up MySQL to perform administrative tasks such as replication and indexing
  • Balance server loads across multiple machines, ease backups and much more with replication 
  • Allow for rapid and efficient access across your database with indexing
  • Part of Packt's Cookbook series: Each recipe is a carefully organized sequence of instructions to complete the task as efficiently as possible

Who This Book Is For

This book is for ambitious MySQL users as well as professional data center database administrators. Beginners as well as experienced administrators will benefit from this cookbook and get fresh ideas to improve their MySQL environments. Detailed background information will enable them to widen their MySQL horizon.

It does not cover SQL basics, how to install MySQL servers, or how to design a relational database schema. Readers are expected to have a basic understanding of the SQL language and database concepts in general.

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn

  • Set up MySQL replication to manage load balancing, online back up, and fail-over scenarios
  • Create, modify, and delete indexes; also identify duplicate indexes to optimize your MySQL servers' performance
  • Set up automatically updated slaves
  • Estimate and limit your network and slave I/O load
  • Check that your servers are in sync to improve communication
  • Learn about primary keys
  • Speed up your searches for sub-domains

In Detail

MySQL is the most popular open-source database and is also known for its easy set up feature. However, proper configuration beyond the default settings remains a challenge, along with day-to-day maintenance tasks such as indexing and replication. These tasks have not been covered thoroughly in the default documentation.

This MySQL Admin Cookbook LITE covers two key aspects of MySQL administration in detail; replication, which will allow you to organize your database more efficiently, and indexing, which enables you to access information even in the deepest, darkest depths of your largest databases.

All of the recipes are based on real-world experience which were derived from proven solutions used in an enterprise environment.

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Table of Contents

Book Details

ISBN 139781849516143
Paperback104 pages
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