Lucene 4 Cookbook

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  • Explore the best practices to make the most of your search application
  • Create and write documents in an index
  • Customize scoring and boosting in your application to influence search results
  • Expand Lucene's functionality, such as spatial searching and faceting with add-on modules
  • Load and initialize the library and build a search index of data
  • Understand trading between NRT latency and throughput
  • Optimize your search applications by employing features such as near real-time (NRT) search

Lucene 4 Cookbook is a practical guide that shows you how to build a scalable search engine for your application, from an internal documentation search to a wide-scale web implementation with millions of records. Starting with helping you to successfully install Apache Lucene, it will guide you through creating your first search application. Furthermore, the book walks you through analyzing your text and indexing your data to leverage the performance of your search application. As you progress through the chapters, you will learn to effectively search your indexes and successfully employ real-time searching.

The chapters start off with simple concepts and build up to complex solutions that should help you on your way to becoming a search engine expert.

  • Make the most of Lucene by understanding its philosophy and leveraging the data searching capability of your application
  • Explore techniques to design scalable and succinct search applications
  • Packed with clear, step-by-step recipes to walk you through the capabilities of Lucene
Page Count 220
Course Length 6 hours 36 minutes
ISBN 9781782162285
Date Of Publication 25 Jun 2015


Edwood Ng

Edwood Ng is a technologist with over a decade of experience in building scalable solutions from proprietary implementations to client-facing web-based applications. Currently, he's the director of DevOps at Wellframe, leading infrastructure and DevOps operations.

His background in search engine began at Endeca Technologies in 2004, where he was a technical consultant helping numerous clients to architect and implement faceted search solutions. After Endeca, he drew on his knowledge and began designing and building Lucene-based solutions. His first Lucene implementation that went to production was the search engine behind From there on, he continued to create search applications using Lucene extensively to deliver robust and scalable systems for his clients. Edwood is a supporter of an open source software. He has also contributed to the plugin sfI18NGettextPluralPlugin to the Symphony project.

Vineeth Mohan

Vineeth Mohan is an architect and developer. He currently works as the CTO at Factweavers Technologies and is also an Elasticsearch-certified trainer.

He loves to spend time studying emerging technologies and applications related to data analytics, data visualizations, machine learning, natural language processing, and developments in search analytics. He began coding during his high school days, which later ignited his interest in computer science, and he pursued engineering at Model Engineering College, Cochin. He was recruited by the search giant Yahoo! during his college days. After 2 years of work at Yahoo! on various big data projects, he joined a start-up that dealt with search and analytics. Finally, he started his own big data consulting company, Factweavers.

Under his leadership and technical expertise, Factweavers is one of the early adopters of Elasticsearch and has been engaged with projects related to end-to-end big data solutions and analytics for the last few years.

There, he got the opportunity to learn various big-data-based technologies, such as Hadoop, and high-performance data ingress systems and storage. Later, he moved to a start-up in his hometown, where he chose Elasticsearch as the primary search and analytic engine for the project assigned to him.

Later in 2014, he founded Factweavers Technologies along with Jalaluddeen; it is consultancy that aims at providing Elasticsearch-based solutions. He is also an Elasticsearch-certified corporate trainer who conducts trainings in India. Till date, he has worked on numerous projects that are mostly based on Elasticsearch and has trained numerous multinationals on Elasticsearch.