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Infinispan Data Grid Platform

Francesco Marchioni, Manik Surtani

Get the edge in building enterprise applications by learning a distributed caching and data grid solution. This introduction to Infinispan will expand your Java capabilities to new levels of performance and scalability.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849518222
Paperback150 pages

About This Book

  • Configure and develop applications using the Infinispan Data grid platform
  • Follow a simple ticket booking example to easily learn the features of Infinispan in practice
  • Draw on the experience of Manik Surtani, the leader, architect and founder of this popular open source project

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Enterprise developers and architects who want to use a distributed caching and data grid solution. You should have programming knowledge of Java and a general familiarity with concepts like data caching and clustering.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Installing Infinispan
What is a data grid?
Introducing Infinispan as a cache
Installing the required software
Chapter 2: Using Infinispan Core API
Infinispan operational modes
Learning the Infinispan API
Infinispan and transactions
Running the sample application with Maven
Chapter 3: Introducing Infinispan Configuration
Learning the declarative configuration
Configuring cache loaders
Choosing the correct cache store for your application
Chaining cache loaders
Configuring eviction and expiration
Infinispan programmatic configuration
Chapter 4: Developing Advanced Configurations
Introducing clustering
Configuring the network transport
Creating the Infinispan cluster
Infinispan locking strategies
Chapter 5: Monitoring Infinispan
Enabling statistics collection
Using JConsole to gather Infinispan data
Managing Infinispan with RHQ
RHQ: your gateway to Infinispan
Chapter 6: Infinispan and CDI
A 30,000 foot overview of CDI
Getting set up to use Infinispan and CDI
Configuring and injecting Infinispan components into your CDI beans
Controlling storage and retrieval using CDI annotations
Using Infinispan CDI with JBoss AS 7.x
Chapter 7: Advanced Topics
The asynchronous API
The query API
Customizing Infinispan

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the core server configuration, including global configuration, data eviction/expiration, Cache loaders, and Interceptors
  • Collect and make use of statistics on a live system
  • Use the popular Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) programming model
  • Find out about the advanced modules provided by Infinispan, such as the Query module and the Asynchronous API
  • Extend and customize Infinispan to your needs
  • Discover advanced topics like JTA compliant transactions, clustering, and locking/concurrency patterns in a cluster

In Detail

In today's competitive business world, Enterprise systems must be able to deliver highly available, high transaction volumes with an increasing number of users. Infinispan enables you to do this as well as share and distribute data among servers in the most efficient way possible so that you achieve faster response times, while trying to avoid single points of failure.

Infinispan Data Grid Platform will teach you the most important concepts for building Enterprise applications. Using Infinispan will give you a decisive competitive advantage over the standard clustered applications that are typical in the enterprise today. This, the only book to cover Infinispan, offers detailed instructions for installing, configuring, and effectively using the Infinispan platform. You will learn how to utilize and make the most out of every feature of its API.

Progress from examples of adding, removing, and evicting data from a cache, to more complex scenarios such as clustering and distributing data more efficiently in the grid. Throughout the book, you will follow a simple example of an API using a ticket booking system, which will help you to learn how to set up robust and scalable Infinispan configurations. You will also see a complete demonstration of integrating the Infinispan data grid platform with JBoss AS 7.


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